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About ALAP


The Purpose of the Alabama Lawyer Assistance Program is to provide immediate and continuing help to lawyers, judges and law students who suffer from addictions and other types of mental health disorders.


• Understands alcohol/drug addictions are progressive illnesses that only get worse without help. ALAP offers confidential intervention and assistance before ethical conduct is compromised or discipline warranted.

• Understands that depression is a major illness and that the rate of depression in members of the legal community is substantially higher than that of the general population. The Lawyer Assistance Program offers intervention, monitoring and referral resources for legal professionals suffering from depression and stress.

• Understands educating the bench and bar about the signs and symptoms associated with these illnesses promotes awareness and encourages an atmosphere conducive to getting help. ALAP offers educational programs to local bar associations, judicial conferences and law schools throughout the state.

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Already, Hundreds of Lawyers Have Been Helped

Robert B. Thornhill, MS, LPC, MLAP
(334) 517-2238 - Phone
(334) 517-2239 - Fax
(334) 224-6920
24 Hour Confidential Helpline
Sandra Dossett
Assistant to the Director
(334) 517-2244 - Phone
(334) 517-2245 - Fax
Shannon Knight, MS, ADC
Case Manager
(334) 517-2216 - Phone
(334) 517-2217 - Fax
Jeanne Marie Leslie, M.Ed., MLAP, Founding Program Director (1959-2012)