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Alabama Lawyer Assistance Program Articles

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Articles recently featured in The Alabama Lawyer:

» Lawyer Suicide

» The Professional Cost of Untreated Addiction and Mental Illness in Practicing Lawyers

» Plan B–A Woman’s Perspective

» The Returned Phone Call

» The Fourth Time Around

» Understanding Addiction, Helping Clients and Colleagues

» Carrying His Legacy - written by an Alabama lawyer, about her lawyer, to help other lawyers

» Accommodation or Transformation

» Addressing the Unthinkable: How You Can Constructively Deal with the Problem of Suicide

» Assisting One Can Help Hundreds

» Courage

» The Alabama Lawyer Assistance Program at Work

» The Message of Hope

» Bumps in the Road (GPSolo Magazine)

» Get Your Name on This Page: Be Part of the Solution!

» Twenty Golden Rules

» When Your Partner Needs Help

» Signs and Symptoms of Chemical Dependency

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