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Addiction and the Family

If you are watching someone you love destroy themselves with an addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling or other types of compulsive behaviors then you also are experiencing a great deal of pain.  It may be that you and other family members have tried every means possible to get the addict/alcoholic in your life to stop. Maybe you have tried every possible way just to get them to understand what their behavior is doing to you, the kids and others in their life.  You are not alone.  You want relief. You want direction, and you need direction.  All your begging, threatening and even leaving will not change the reality. 

  1. Addicts and alcoholics are INCAPABLE of seeing what their addiction is doing to themselves.  It is no surprise that they are incapable of seeing what their addiction is doing to the people they love the most in the world.
  2. Addiction is a brain disease which causes significant changes to occur in the circuitry of the brain. These changes are responsible for the irrational, compulsive and high risk behaviors often seen in individuals with addiction.
  3. Family members often believe they are somehow responsible for their loved one's addiction. This is ABSOLUTELY not true. No matter what you have been told. You did not cause the addiction and you cannot fix the addiction. You can only take care of yourself.
  4. We understand that family members experience an array of feelings about their loved one's addiction.  Unfortunately family members often catch themselves walking on egg shells around the addict in their life. It is not unusual for family members to question even their own sanity. 
  5. Fear, anxiety and sleepless nights can lead to physical illness. It is important that family members take care of themselves no matter what.

ALAP understands addiction. We have helped hundreds of lawyers and family members and we can help you too. Our calls are absolutely confidential, and we do not report to Bar disciplinary personnel.


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