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MCLE Compliance Report

In October of each year those attorneys whose records indicate that they are still working on their MCLE credits for the current year’s deadline of December 31st, will receive a reminder by mail or email.  This reminder will only go to those whose records do not yet show at least 12.0 total MCLE credits (including 1.0 ethics).  This is not a non-compliance notice but simply a helpful reminder to those who have not yet completed their annual credit requirement.

Non-compliant attorneys will receive a paper copy of their Final Compliance Report in late January or early February.  Attorneys who are in compliance should go online and print a copy of their transcript to keep for their records around that same time.

Attorneys should check their transcripts periodically for compliance and should always check it during early December to assure that all credits have been reported to the MCLE Department and are up to date.  If they find at that time that they are lacking credits, this will give them several days prior to the years’ end to complete their MCLE requirement.

It is important that you know how to login on the Alabama State Bar website in order to view or print your MCLE transcript.  If you have not used the login procedure that became effective February 1, 2008, or if you have never created a User Id and Password, here is what to do:

  1. From the Bar’s website go to the upper right-hand corner and click on “Click here to create User Id and Password” which appears under the password block.
  2. Follow the directions for creating your user ID and personal password and then click on “Submit”.  You should receive an immediate notice stating “Congratulations…”  If you do not receive that notice, which confirms that your user ID and password have been accepted, go back and try again.  You will not be able to successfully create a user ID and password if we do not have your current email address on file.
  3. Once your user ID and password have been accepted, return to the page and use your newly created user ID and password to login.
  4. If you have created a user ID and password but have forgotten it, then you should click under the user ID block at the top of the page “Forgot user ID and Password”.  It will then ask for you to enter your email on record with the Bar along with your ASB number.  If you have previously created this information, then it will state that the information is being sent to you.  You should receive two emails from Webmaster – one with your user ID and one with your password.
  5. Then login at the top of the page of the website and follow the links to select MCLE Transcript.