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    Application for Credit

  • Courses should be submitted 30 days in advance of the program by the sponsor.If a sponsor will not submit, an attorney can submit up to 30 days after a program.

  • Attorneys are responsible for this and should never expect to submit a course more than sixty days after the close of the program year (December 31).

    Compliance Deadlines and Penalties

  • Deadline for completion of courses
    All courses must be completed by December 31. Attorneys having to complete courses after January 1 due to extenuating circumstances must apply for a deficiency plan. Deficiency plans can only include courses that are preapproved chosen from the "Approved Courses" listing on the website. Deficiency plan request forms can be found at These must be submitted to the MCLE Department no later than February 15 with the $100.00 late compliance fee.

    Compliant attorneys showing compliance on their online transcripts in January, do not need to print & mail in their form unless the form has an error that must be edited. Also, if editing the form causes the attorney to become non-compliant, the attorney will need to contact the Bar no later than February 15 with a deficiency plan.

  • Deadline for non-compliant attorneys to report
    NON-COMPLIANT attorneys must submit their edited form showing classes that were taken to prove compliance or submit a deficiency plan request to the bar by February 15. If an attorney is tardy reporting classes or is tardy in submitting a deficiency plan, they must pay the second penalty of $100.00 late filing fee

  • Deadline to complete approved deficiency plans
    March 1 is the last day for non-compliant attorneys to complete their approved courses on their deficiency plan. If an attorney has not completed the courses by March 1, they must submit a request for an extension of their deficiency listing the extraordinary reason that prevented completion of the first deficiency plan along with an additional check for $100.00.

  • Penalties if Certified
    If an attorney is certified, he will owe an additional penalty of $300. Note: this is in addition to any of the three penalties incurred prior to certification. An attorney could owe up to $600 for non-compliance at this stage.

    Certification schedule
    Names of attorneys who fail to timely gain or report their CLE, will be sent to the Chairman of the Disciplinary Commission

  • February 15 is the final day to report compliance for the previous CLE year or to request a deficiency plan. Non-compliant attorneys that fail to request a plan may be certified as soon as practical after February 15.

  • March 15
    March 15 is the final day to report completion of an approved deficiency plan. Non-complaint attorneys that fail to report by that date will be certified as soon as practical after March 15th.

  • April 1
    The MCLE Commission may not extend deficiency plans past April 1.

For more information, please contact Continuing Legal Education at (334) 269-1515 or