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Montgomery County, Alabama Public Defender
Director of Public Defender’s Office
Deadline for Submission: November 1, 2013

Pursuant to Ala. Code (1975) §15-12-4, the Montgomery County Indigent Defense Advisory Board is establishing a Public Defender’s Office for Alabama’s 15th Judicial Circuit. Our Board is seeking extraordinary candidates for the position of Director for our Public Defender’s Office. Our Director will be tasked with the responsibility of establishing a fully-staffed law office, while fulfilling the Constitutional obligation for high-quality legal representation for indigent citizens in Alabama’s second-largest county. As the Founding Director, you will be empowered to establish this office, hire its initial staff, and be its spokesperson.  Our Public Defender’s Office launch is a major achievement.  Our Founding Director will be granted substantial latitude to achieve its successful creation and operation.


• Lead the Public Defender’s Office as its senior lawyer and chief executive.

• Have, or develop, an intimate understanding of Montgomery County’s criminal justice system -- along with its unique needs.

• Hire sufficient staff to provide indigent defense services for Montgomery County.  This will include, but is not limited to:  attorneys, paralegals, investigators, legal assistants, administrative, and other clerical staff.  The Advisory Board views this undertaking as comparable to establishing a large law firm.

• Achieve our dual goals of higher-quality legal representation and greater efficiencies, relative to indigent defense expenses.

• Manage relations with the 12 Judges of the 15th Judicial Circuit, the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office, the Montgomery County Bar, the Alabama State Bar, Montgomery County’s indigent defense programs (Montgomery County Bar Foundation and Legal Services of Alabama), and Montgomery County's Alternative Sentencing Programs, etc..

• Launch new initiatives and strategies to promote the image of the Montgomery County Public Defender’s Office to citizens of Montgomery County and to the State of Alabama.

• Provide leadership in reforming, and in increasing our quality of, indigent defense in Alabama.

• Operate the Public Defender’s Office in conjunction with, and pursuant to, the oversight of our Local Indigent Defense Advisory Board and the Director of Indigent Defense Services for the State of Alabama.


• The successful applicant must be prepared to serve the Public Defender’s defined term of three years, subject to renewal, and to the provisions of Ala.Code (1975) §15-12-41.

• The successful applicant must be a member in good standing with the Alabama Bar, or become so prior to taking office, and a member in good standing of every other bar of which the applicant is a member.

• The successful applicant must have a minimum of five years criminal practice experience, preferably with significant criminal trial experience.  This experience must demonstrate an ability to provide, and to inspire, zealous high-quality representation for criminal defendants.

• The successful applicant must be able to effectively manage this office.

• The successful applicant must be, or become, a resident of Montgomery County prior to taking office.

• The successful applicant must be able to prove their capacity for competency, integrity, & leadership.

• Salary Range: $90,000.00 - $110,000.00

• As a State of Alabama Employee, benefits include:

    • Low-Cost Health/Dental Insurance (Single Coverage).
    • Optional Family Coverage (Health/Dental).
    • Accrue Thirteen Annual Leave Days per Year.
    • Accrue Thirteen Sick Days per Year.
    • Thirteen Paid Holidays per Year.
    • Retirement Plan.
    • Flexible Employee Benefit Plans.

Please read the Montgomery County Indigent Defense Advisory Board’s “Montgomery County Public Defender Application” & the qualifications for the position in the explanatory preface titled “Fifteenth Judicial Circuit Montgomery County Indigent Defense Advisory Board.” The application will be hosted on the website for Alabama’s 15th Judicial Circuit, (, as well as various other websites. A copy can also be obtained from the Court Administrator of Alabama’s 15th Judicial Circuit, Mr. Rob Sachar, (334) 832-1357.