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New Scam Alert! (November 21, 2013)

The Office of General Counsel recently learned of a new scam being perpetrated. Lawyers, law firms and even non-lawyers have been receiving harassing phone calls about unpaid loans, threats of lawsuits being filed and even arrest. Individuals who have received these calls say the person who left the message has a heavy accent and purports to be from the Alabama law firm of Rose & Franklin. According to our records there is no law firm in Alabama by that name. The telephone number that appears is: 205-287-7778.

If you’d like more information about scams targeting lawyers, check out the AvoidAClaim blog hosted by LawPRO. This blog serves as a clearinghouse for scams aimed at attorneys and will allow you to quickly determine whether a potential new client or other person contacting you by email is really a scammer. And if you receive this or a similar message, be sure to delete it without opening any attachments or links contained in it. If you think you may have already fallen prey to a scam targeting lawyers, please make a confidential report of it to the Office of General Counsel at (334) 269-1515 to help protect your fellow lawyers.