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Statement of Alabama State Bar Pres. J. Mark White
Concerning Letter From Attorney General Troy King

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Montgomery, Ala., April 16, 2009 – State Bar President J. Mark White of Birmingham (White Arnold & Dowd P.C.) said today, "I find General King's response to the complaint to be underwhelming."

In November, 2008 the state bar took the extraordinary step of requesting that state Attorney General Troy King investigate the conduct of third parties in the recent Supreme Court election.

Referring to numerous complaints from voters and members of the state bar, White informed King that the state bar was falsely identified as a "rating agency" for judicial candidates by the campaigns and third-party interests spurred his request.

The Attorney General has the sole authority to prosecute violations of the Fair Campaign Practices Act and therefore White urged King to investigate whether such third-party interests have violated the laws of the State of Alabama, including the Fair Campaign Practices Act.

The state bar has been working to eliminate judicial campaign activities that undermine public trust and confidence in the judiciary and are contrary to the ultimate goal of a fair, impartial and independent judiciary.

The 16,000-member Alabama State Bar is dedicated to promoting the professional responsibility, competence and satisfaction of its members, improving the administration of justice and increasing public understanding and respect for the law.