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State Bar Partners With Corevault™ To Help Protect Sensitive Data With Online Backup & Recovery System

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• New member benefit allows lawyers to manage the business risk of losing client files

Montgomery, Ala., Juy 2, 2008 — A partnership made in cyberspace has been forged between CoreVault™ and the Alabama State Bar. State bar members now have access to on-line data backup and recovery services at an affordable cost.

State Bar Executive Director Keith B. Norman said, “The need to protect law firm data more securely, automatically and offsite is a fact of life for all lawyers. Many law firms, especially smaller ones, find it challenging to backup and store their data offsite on a daily basis. In addition, their data isn’t encrypted for increased security, so if a tape or external drive was lost, there is a risk someone could gain unauthorized access to that information.”

He noted, while all lawyers understand the importance of protecting their legal files, many lack the resources, technical expertise and time to safeguard data, which is why CoreVault’s services are of critical importance.

Under the agreement, CoreVault offers ASB members data backup and recovery services at a discounted rate. The service is automated and centrally managed to help law firms protect their information. It provides daily offsite protection, fast restores, encrypted data and a live customer service helpline. In addition, CoreVault's two private data centers are geographically separated and possess redundant systems. This benefit frees ASB members from the worry of losing data and not being able to restore it due to viruses, hard drive crashes, accidental deleting of data, natural disasters, tornadoes and the many other ways that could cause data loss.

Norman explained the process of using CoreVault, "When you sign up, their technicians contact you. They install their software remotely and demonstrate how it works by phone. You identify all of the files and folders that you wish to have backed up and they will give you an estimate of the monthly charges.”

”You can then lower or increase the amount of data you wish to back up. Under this arrangement, state bar members receive a significant discount for the monthly cost of online backup. There is also a nominal setup fee,” he said.
    This service is only for users with high-speed Internet connections. A dial-up connection is not adequate.

    For more information and to obtain a customized quote, contact CoreVault at or 866-609-4ASB (4272).
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