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Angela Parks Hired as Director of Regulatory Programs for The Alabama State Bar

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Montgomery, Ala., September 2, 2008 – Angela Parks of St. Clair County, has been named director of regulatory programs for the Alabama State Bar according to Executive Director Keith B. Norman.

"In our role as the agency responsible for admission to the bar, regulating attorney conduct and ensuring compliance with the Supreme Court's mandatory continuing legal education rules, Angela brings a unique combination of management and supervisory skills necessary to oversee such regulation" he said.

Parks received her undergraduate degree from Allegheny College in Meadville, Pa., a paralegal
certificate from Penn State, and earned her law degree from Duquesne University School of Law, Pittsburgh, Pa. She is currently enrolled in the Univ. of Alabama-Birmingham's master's degree program in information technology.

The CLE department works to ensure that each individual attorney's record is updated, exercises oversight for attorney compliance, and recommends sanctions for those who don't comply with the requirements as mandated by the Alabama Supreme Court.

Since sponsors of CLE programs must apply for accreditation in order to offer a CLE seminar, the department processes 5,000 to 6,000 such requests every year and the number of course credit requests submitted by attorneys annually amounts to 192,000 credits processed.

She will also be responsible for administering the bar's specialization program which allows lawyers to advertise that they have been certified in a particular area of law practice.

"Attorneys who keep up-to-date on their continuing legal education are more knowledgeable in their area of expertise and better able to serve their client's best interests, which is why the CLE department's work is so important," Norman said.

For the past four years, Parks was employed as an associate at the Birmingham law firm of Gentle, Pickens and Turner, where she was in charge of approving the disbursement of a $300 million settlement to claimants as part of the class-action lawsuit filed in the Monsanto/Solutia PCB contamination case in Anniston, Ala.

From 2000 to 2004, Parks was director and counsel of the Office of Plaintiffs' National Liaison Counsel for the MDL-926 Silicone Gel Breast Implant Product Liability Litigation in Birmingham.

From 1989 until 1997 she was engaged in general litigation practice before moving into the area of complex and class action litigation. She worked two years on the insurance churning cases (the practice of convincing a policyholder, to use the built-up cash value of an existing policy to buy a new policy with "more coverage") against Met Life and Prudential insurance companies, before moving to the Philadelphia area where her firm acted as a subclass counsel (representing groups of class members with particular injuries) in the $4.2 billion Fen-Phen Diet Drugs settlement. She was also involved in the national tobacco litigation and other mass tort and product liability class actions, including Latex Gloves, Rezulin, and Propulsid cases, and she was part of the negotiating team for the global Gammagard settlement.

Before moving to Alabama, she was an associate in the suburban Philadelphia, Pa., law firm of Roda & Nast, P.C. She was admitted to the Pennsylvania bar in 1989 and to the Alabama bar in 2005. She is admitted to practice in the Eastern, Western, and Middle Districts of Pennsylvania, the Northern District of Alabama, and the Third and Eleventh Circuits.

The 15,756-member Alabama State Bar is dedicated to promoting the professional responsibility, competence and satisfaction of its members; improving the administration of justice, and; increasing public understanding and respect for the law.