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Harry Seale (1895 – 1989)
Harry Seale (1895 – 1989)
Harry Seale was born in Choctaw County, Alabama on January 13, 1895. He came to the law as his profession later in life. He was a soldier in World War I, held jobs in mines, factories, and fields, and then he attended the University of Alabama, receiving both undergraduate and law degrees and was selected for Phi Beta Kappa. He began practicing law in Mobile in 1927 and continued his practice for more than 50 years. He was President of the Mobile Bar in 1958.

Mr. Harry, as he was later called by younger lawyers, was primarily a criminal defense lawyer although he handled many different types of cases and was Mobile City Attorney for 20 years. He was aggressive and competitive in his representation of clients but at the same time he was a gentleman in the law who had a keen sense of fair play.

In his nomination of Harry Seale for the Hall of Fame, the nominator stated that he and Mr. Harry had once settled a case at the courthouse on a Friday, had walked over to Harry’s office, and there he paid over to the lawyer a stack of one hundred dollar bills for the settlement. “He said that it was not necessary for me to give him a receipt or any type release because I was an honorable person and he was too and our word was our bond. I dismissed the case and that was the end of the litigation”. With Mr. Harry you knew that you would not have to have an agreement in writing because he would always keep his side of the agreement.

He was also an inspiration to younger lawyers. His law partner, Bubba Marsal, once commented that Mr. Harry was his mentor. He stated: “I would never have been a lawyer or enjoyed one good thing in my life without his inspiration and encouragement. There are so many good things about Harry Seale that the world will never know”.

The Alabama State Bar welcomes Harry Seale into its Lawyers Hall of Fame so that future generations will begin to know this great lawyer.

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