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Benjamin Y. Ford

Armbrecht Jackson LLP
PO Box 290
Mobile, AL 36601
(251)405-1300 /

Ben received his Juris Doctorate and graduated cum laude in 2003 Samford University, Cumberland School of Law. He also received a BS in Finance (with honors) in 2000 from the Auburn University. Since graduation, Benjamin has become partner at Armbrecht Jackson has concentrated his practice to areas of general civil litigation, with an emphasis on real property, business and construction litigation, oil and gas, and probate matters. He frequently handles pro bono matters on behalf of the Mobile VLP.  

Ben is active in several organizations, including the Mobile Bar Association, where he has served in several capacities. He is involved with the American Bar Association, Alabama Defense Lawyers Association, Defense Research Institute and is currently vice president of the Federal Bar Association. His community involvement includes Past Treasurer of the Mobile Auburn Alumni Club, past member of the Board of Directors for the Dearborn YMCA, Youth Sports Coach for the past four years, member of Ashland Place Church and various other clubs and societies. Recently Ben was selected for Mobile Bay Monthly’s Top “40 Under 40” and as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers. He has also received a Pro Bono Certificate of Achievement from the South Alabama VLP.

The attorney and graduate of the Leadership Forum who recommended Ben said, “I have known Ben Ford for well over ten years, and I practiced law with him for several years at Armbrecht Jackson LLP in Mobile before my family and I moved to Birmingham. In fact, I helped recruit Ben to my former firm, and he was an exemplary clerk, associate and partner. I consider Ben a good friend, and I also know his family and know that he is an outstanding husband and father. He would be an outstanding addition to Class 9 of the Leadership Forum. When we hired Ben, he immediately got involved in the community and took a leadership role in the Mobile Bar Association Young Lawyers Section. Ben is one of the finest people I have ever had the honor of calling my law partner, and I recommend him highly for Class 9 of the Bar’s Leadership Forum. He understands what it means to be a servant leader and the absolute necessity to use your position as an attorney in your community to help others and to give of your time and your abilities.”

In his own words, Ben says, “I believe that my generation has been persistently fed from an early age that the path to achievement and happiness is through individual gain and selfish desires. This injustice, I believe, has created a generation of inward-thinking young professionals. Many of these young professionals lack the sense of community responsibility that older professionals know is essential for a society to properly function. Our communities will potentially suffer as a result. For example, the lack of young adults in community organizations and my local bar has resulted in an overextended and ‘aged’ stock of leadership. Anyone who attends one of our monthly bar meetings will quickly notice that the overwhelming majority of attendees are senior lawyers. Likewise, most community/charity boards are stocked with older members of society. Individuals will be needed in the very near future to fill leadership roles. While experience obviously plays a part in one’s valuable participation, I think that if young adults had the right mindset – i.e. that out-ward-oriented, positive actions benefit society and provide personal fulfillment – and were given the requisite leadership skills, young adults could make equal or greater contributions to good causes. With that in mind, I believe that I have the right mindset, social skills and business qualities to build on the contributions that I believe I have made. I strive to always act in a manner that is befitting of lawyer’s role as an officer of the Court and servant of the community. As an officer of the Court, I try to maintain as many formalities as possible, which include simple (and often unpracticed) things such as punctuality, returning calls and correspondence promptly, and being civil at all times. I also practice the belief that while one owes his or her client zealous advocacy, one should always attempt to listen and consider an adverse party’s position as if one were the judge. I truly believe that my rounded thinking in certain situations resulted in benefits to all parties, attorneys and the Court. As a servant of the community, I have never turned my back on anyone looking for legal advice or assistance. I have discovered that so many individuals lack knowledge of not just legal matters, but basic life issues, and that problems can be solved with simple, quick assistance. Beyond simple matters, I have handled numerous pro bono matters in conjunction with the South Alabama VLP. I can honestly say that through the VLP, I have helped out many individuals who would have otherwise been out-of-luck. I believe my most important contribution to the community has yet to be fully realized. Nevertheless, I am in a good position to build on the contributions that I have made thus far and achieve my full potential. I have several years of experience in a distinguished law firm that encourages community involvement. I was born and raised in Mobile, and therefore, I have significant contacts throughout the Mobile community, and I believe that I am generally well-liked and that people value my acquaintance. I was also raised among diverse and forward-thinking people, which has given me the ability to positively interact with people of different background, races, religions, etc. I can say, without hesitation, that the viability of a society becomes threatened when responsibility to one’s self, family and community, is ignored. The responsibility to the community is greater for lawyers and professionals because we have the resources to actively dictate the course the community will take. I accept this responsibility and desire to maintain and better the health of my community. If I do not do all that I am capable of, I have not fulfilled my duty. I believe that I have the right mindset and the requisite skills to continue to make positive contributions to the legal profession and my community. Through the Leadership Forum, I hope to acquire the encouragement, contacts, and fine-tuned skills to allow me to maximize my potential and fulfill my responsibility. I also desire to maintain relationships with other like-minded members of the State Bar who I can positively influence and who can positively influence me, and who can act as a resource in the future.”