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Mark B. Moody

Alabama State Bar
415 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36104
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Mark is a 2002 graduate of the University of Alabama School of Law. He attended Millsaps College in 1994-1995, and is a 1998 cum laude graduate from the Auburn University with a B.A. in Political Science. Mark clerked for Judge A. Kelli Wise before becoming staff attorney for Judge A. Kelli Wise and Judge Mary Windom with the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals. He is now an Assistant General Counsel with the Alabama State Bar.

At Millsaps College, Mark was the Recipient of the Second Century Scholarship, on the varsity tennis team, Dean’s list, participated with Habitat for Humanity and a member of Kappa Alpha Order. While attending Auburn, he was a Pi Sigma Alpha Honorary, Golden Key Honorary, and a member of the Wesley Foundation and the Pre-Law Society. Mark was active in the Honor Court Justice and the Alabama Disability Advocacy Program – Disability Litigation Clinic & Children’s Rights Clinic at the University of Alabama School of Law. He is a board member for Young Lawyers Section with the Montgomery County Bar Association and the Montgomery Auburn Club, and is the former secretary/treasurer & board member of Montgomery Young Republicans. Mark was involved with Montgomery City League Softball for four years, as well as YMCA Adult Soccer. He has also captained &/or been a member of league championship teams in USTA League Tennis since 2008.

The judge who recommended Mark says, “As a judge on the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals and Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, I had the opportunity to work with Mark and witness firsthand his work ethic, as well as, his interest in improving the court system and the state. Mark is an exceptional young man, who worked to find the balance between meeting every expectation of the court, while at the same time, meeting the needs of his young family. A balancing act required for every leader. Mark has a true concern for our community, for the legal profession, and for our state. A number of organizations to which Mark contributes his time and effort want to improve the lives of those whose opportunities are more restricted.” Mark is also recommended by the Clerk of the Court of Criminal Appeals who said, “As a member of Class 5 of the State Bar Leadership Forum, it is a privilege to recommend Mark B. Moody for selection in Class 9 of the Leadership Forum. I first met Mark thirteen years ago during our first semester of law school. Work brought us both to Montgomery after law school, and for six years we worked together in the Heflin-Torbert Judicial Building. Over these past thirteen years I have not only had the privilege of knowing Mark as a colleague, but as a friend. For as long as I have known Mark, he has always demonstrated the characteristics of a leader. For almost a decade, Mark was a steadfast member of the staff of two judges of the Court of Criminal Appeals. Mark held the confidence of both of his judges, and he was recognized by his colleagues on the court as a hard-working and efficient staff attorney. In recent months Mark has begun a new career as Assistant General Counsel of the Alabama State Bar. In this new position, Mark provides guidance to fellow attorneys in adhering to the Rules of Professional Conduct as well as prosecutes those attorneys who fall short of the ethical and legal requirements for attorneys. Such work requires patience, trustworthiness, and steadfastness – all qualities found not only in a leader but specifically a servant leader. It is outside of the workplace, however, where I truly have been able to observe Mark’s servant leadership abilities. Countless have been the times when Mark has been the one to step forward and organize events, teams, and gatherings. Even if it is getting a group of friends together for a trip to the beach, Mark is always willing to take the unenviable job of making reservations and collecting money from everyone. In my opinion, Mark’s participation in the Leadership Forum provides a very unique opportunity to benefit the entire bar of Alabama. For too many attorneys, the General Counsel staff is merely names on paper or faces that occasionally you might see at a CLE presentation. As such, participation in the Leadership Forum will allow a group of attorneys from throughout the state to get to know a member of the General Counsel staff. Anyone who spends just a brief amount of tie around Mark soon realizes how likable and affable he is.  This will lead to members of this Leadership Forum Class and their colleagues to be more willing to contact the General Counsel’s office to seek advice. Likewise, I believe Mark’s service to the Bar as Assistant General Counsel will benefit from the in-depth interaction with practitioners from various facets of our state and our profession that the Leadership Forum provides.”

In his own words, Mark said, “Upon completion of law school I moved to Montgomery for a judicial clerkship. I was born and raised in Montgomery, but did not intend to stay. However, during the first month of my clerkship, I attended a social for the Young Lawyers Section (YLS) of the Montgomery County Bar Association (MCBA). Before I realized it, I was involved in several projects and made many new contacts within the legal community in Montgomery. Many of those contacts evolved into long-lasting friendships. The MCBA YLS has always been very active and has been blessed with fantastic leadership with many of its presidents going on to become presidents of the MCBA. After participating in several events benefiting Brantwood Children’s Home, Judge Adrian Johnson asked me to think about running for one of the positions on the MCBA YLS Board of Directors. Ultimately, I decided to take Judge Johnson’s advice and with a bit of luck I was elected. During my four years on this Board, our efforts have raised over $10,000 for Brantwood. I strongly believe that my most important contribution to both the legal profession and my community is the work I have done in multiple charitable endeavors assisting Brantwood Children’s Home. During my time on the Board of the MCBA YLS, all proceeds were donated to Brantwood. ‘Since 1917, Brantwood Children’s Home has been providing a safe, stable and structured environment for abused, neglected or other at-risk children. More than a program or a place to live, Brantwood is truly a home and family for young people in desperate need. Brantwood provides a place for the heart to heal, and important relationships to blossom.’ During my nine years as a staff attorney on the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals, I drafted far too many opinions involving physical and/or sexual abuse of children by people they trusted. Helping provide money that goes toward providing a safe, stable, and structured environment for abused, neglected, and other at-risk children to heal and to help them become productive members of the community is, in my opinion, my most important contribution to both the legal profession and my community. Although I hope that more important contributions are in my future, I am very proud of this work especially in these tough economic times when non-profits such as Brantwood face dire financial circumstances each year. I look forward to expanding my perspectives in an increasingly global business and legal environment as well as building upon my own strengths and gaining a better understanding of areas outside my experience. I also hope to learn how I can improve the organizations in which I work and volunteer my time with better leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. I know that participation in the Class 9 of the Bar’s Leadership Forum will greatly improve my abilities as a servant-leader. The legal profession is both stressful and demanding. I  look forward to the opportunity to learn from leaders who have excelled in this environment so I, too, can become a servant-leader at the state level and hopefully benefit my community, legal profession, and State of Alabama.”