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Roben Nutter

East Alabama Medical Center
2000 Pepperell Parkway
Opelika, AL 36801
(334)528-1815 /

Roben is a 2007 graduate of the Thomas Goode Jones School of Law. She also has a B.S. in Health Administration from Auburn University and a M.B.A. from Troy State University.  Roben has been with East Alabama Medical Center since 1994 in various positions including various managerial and staff positions, then Director of Risk Management & Medical Staff Services, now as Assistant Vice President & General Counsel.

Roben’s professional memberships include the American Health Lawyers Association, Health Care Compliance Association, Alabama National Societies for Health Care Risk Management, and Treasurer of the Health Law Section of Alabama State Bar. Her community involvement includes Leadership Lee County, Board Member and Secretary for Opelika Dixie Youth Baseball, and Opelika Chamber of Commerce Governmental Affairs Committee.

The attorney who recommended Roben said, “Roben is a respected leader in her community and has spent her entire professional career at the East Alabama Medical Center where, pursuant to the urging of her colleagues at the hospital, she moved from Director of Risk Management and Medical Staff Services to being the Assistant Vice President and General Counsel. She attended law school while continuing her work at the hospital. Despite remaining fully engaged in her responsibilities at the hospital, she excelled on all fronts, graduating and becoming General Counsel in 2007. In addition to serving as the General Counsel, she is an essential part of the leadership team and serves as the Privacy Officer and Compliance Officer for the hospital and continues to oversee risk management and medical staff functions. Through her many roles in the hospital, Roben demonstrates servant leadership by taking on critical tasks while focusing on the mission of the hospital. In my work with her, I have observed that she is dedicated to the appropriate treatment of patients and fellow employees.”

In her own words, Roben said, “Since graduating from law school in 2007, I have followed the ASB Leadership Forum and have anticipated my five-year anniversary, marking the prerequisite for application to the program. I have committed myself to ongoing personal and professional development. I graduated from Auburn University while bearing most of the expense myself. My parents had the means to provide for my education, but believed that I would not appreciate the value of education without feeling the burden of what it took to make it happen. I had to want it, and I did. I went on to pursue an MBA and eventually my law degree, while working full-time and raising a family. I completed my formal education with no debt, in part due to hard work, but also the result of an employer who believes in the importance of leadership development. For that, I will be forever grateful, appreciative and willing to give back. Outside of formal education, I have always been willing to participate in many organizational committees and civic and community organizations and have given my time and commitment freely. While still maintaining some community involvement, my past five years have been primarily devoted to learning to be a lawyer, feeling comfortable with a professional role that at times has felt quite over-whelming, and being a mother to my third child. To date, my most important contribution to the legal profession might be viewed as bringing an in-house counsel role to an organization that had not benefited from such a role in the past. My ability to serve the needs of my organization has increased exponentially since receiving my law degree. I am almost always available to field questions and give guidance to our staff of almost 2,800 employees. While I support a number of organizations with my time and resources, I view my most important contribution to my community as being a wife and mother to three children. As a participant of the ASB Leadership Forum, it would be my duty to help carry out the mission of the forum. Throughout my lifetime, I have surrounded myself with people who believe in me and trust me, and because I feel a sense of loyalty and responsibility to those people, I want to continue to honor that commitment through continuously improving my leadership skills and service to others. I want to inspire my children to be all they can be and learn the importance of leadership through my actions. I see the ASB Leadership Forum as another invaluable step in fulfilling the commitment I have to leading and serving others.”