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Mentoring program

The ASB Mentoring Program has been discontinued.

We crafted the program during a two year period from 2005-2007, with 2007 the first year a pilot program was offered to Alabama lawyers.  The program paired mentees with their mentors statewide with geographical proximity for mentors and mentees to work in small groups ranging from 1-8 mentees.  The first year appraisal of our program showed, from our experience, that mentoring works best in metropolitan areas with a structured program of receptions, meets and greets, etc., that provide opportunities for new lawyers to meet with experienced lawyers. Because of the distance that some in our state had to travel (in the rural areas) to get to the meeting places of the various groups, participation in the rural parts of the state was not good.

In the second year of the program, we solicited mentees to continue a class 2 pilot program in 2008 through an on-line application process on a dedicated page from our website.  The second year reflected a lesser number of mentee applicants.  We offered varied geographic training programs by working with the CLE providers in our state.  Responses from mentees showed they were not interested in both the broad intangibles and tangibles which a carefully crafted and nurtured mentor-mentee relationship can produce.

We concluded most of our mentees want the basic introductory CLE courses for new attorneys, rather than a mentoring experience, so we discontinued the program in early 2008. In year two, after looking at a number of models for mentoring programs, we decided to remove it at the state level, concluding it works best in local communities and cities as opposed to being managed from state bar headquarters.   

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