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Client Security Fund Mandatory Assessment

The Client Security Fund was established by the Alabama State Bar to provide a remedy for clients who have lost money or other property as a result of the dishonest conduct of practicing attorneys. The Alabama State Bar recognizes that the legal profession depends on the trust of clients and although very few attorneys breach that trust, it is important that the profession's reputation for honesty and integrity be maintained and protected. The Client Security Fund serves this function by providing some reimbursement to clients whose money or property has been wrongfully taken by attorneys licensed to practice law in Alabama.

CSF Application


Rule VIII, Client Security Fund Rules, authorizes the Alabama State Bar to assess each lawyer $25.00 who on January 1 of each year:

• Holds a current bar license to practice law in the State of Alabama;

• Holds a special membership to the Alabama State Bar;

• Is registered as authorized house counsel;

• Is admitted pro hac vice ($25.00 per application); or

• Is disbarred, suspended, placed on disability inactive status, or otherwise inactive. (This amount shall be paid as a condition of reinstatement of the lawyer’s license to practice law)

Exemption: Any person admitted to practice law in the State of Alabama who upon attaining the age of 65 years and who has elected to retire from the practice of law shall be exempt from any assessment under these Rules. Notice of exemption must be submitted, in writing, to the Client Security Fund of the Alabama State Bar.


You are encouraged to pay the assessment online by clicking here. A $2.00 processing fee will be charged when paying online.


Print the 2014 CSF Invoice and mail check/money order payable to the Alabama State Bar Client Security Fund for payment. 2014 CSF Invoice (PDF) Note: Please include your ASB No. on your check to ensure proper posting of payment.

A lawyer who fails to timely pay the assessed annual fee pursuant to Rule VIII, Client Security Fund Rules, is subject to suspension, pursuant to Rule 9, Alabama Rules of Disciplinary Procedure.

Client Security Fund Rules