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The members of this Section are attorneys interested in elections, ethics, campaign finance, lobbying, and government contracting disclosure issues at the federal, state, and local level. Attorneys in this Section wish to (1) foster communications and assist in the education of State Bar members on these subjects, and (2) serve as a resource for organizations and officials to assist in evaluating forms, rules, requirements, training programs, and proposed changes to the law. Annual dues are $15. For attorneys practicing for five years or less, dues are $10. Dues are (0) waived for attorneys working in the government sector.

"Casemaker" is a link to the Casemaker online legal research library and information on how to use this valuable free member service, which provides access to state and federal materials including the Alabama Code, opinions of the Alabama Supreme Court and Courts of Civil and Criminal Appeals, the Alabama Rules of Court, the Alabama Administrative Code and regulations, the U.S. Code, U.S. Supreme Court opinions, selected opinions of the federal circuit and district courts, the federal court rules, the Code of Federal Regulation and similar materials from all 50 states.

"Governance" contains the section's governing documents including the purpose statement and bylaws when available.

"Join the Section" contains an online application form for joining this section.

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"Newsletters" contains the section's newsletters, which may be password-protected as determined by the section leadership.

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11-15-2013 Secretary of State Candidate Filing Guidelines from Section Meeting (PDF)

11-14-2013 EEGR Section Update (PDF)
      Alabama Supreme Court Order in AEA Payroll Deduction Litigation (10-25-2013) and Summary (PDF)
      Order form for new Alabama Law Institute Election Handbook for 2013-14 (16th Edition)(PDF)

9-18-2013 11th Circuit Ruling on PAC-to-PAC ban (PDF)
      District Court Opinion in PAC-to-PAC ban case (12-14-2011) (PDF)

7-19-2013  Update on Amended Campaign Finance Laws for Section Event at Bar Annual Meeting (PDF)
      Reference Materials for Section Update on Amended Campaign Finance Laws at Bar Meeting (PDF)

6-4-2013  EEGR Section Update (PDF)
      SB 445 Enrolled – Bill Revising Fair Campaign Practices Act PDF)
      Information on Secretary of State, State Bar, and ALI events on new laws (PDF)
      Secretary of State Proposed Regulations for New Electronic Reporting System PDF)
      Department of Justice Guidance on Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (PDF)
      Hatch Act Revisions that Affect Public Employees Running for Office (Office of Special Counsel Overview) (PDF)
      Hatch Act Revisions (Press Release) (PDF)

7-20-2012 Section Event on New Campaign Finance Laws at Bar Annual Meeting (PowerPoint)
       Reference Materials for Section Event on New Campaign Finance Laws at Bar Annual Meeting (PDF)

7-13-2012 EEGR Section Update (PDF)
       U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Montana Campaign Finance Laws (PDF)
       Secretary of State's RFP for Electronic Campaign Finance Filing System (PDF)

2-1-2012 Alabama State Bar Campaign Finance Law Update -- Meeting Summary (PDF)
      Reference Materials for Alabama State Bar Campaign Finance Law Update (PDF)

12-21-2011 Section Update (PDF)
       Federal Register posting of OGE Proposed Gift Rules (PDF)
       List of Ethics Commission AOs on 2010 Ethics Act Revisions (PDF)
       FEC Statement on Carey v FEC and Federal PACs and Independent Expenditures (10-5-2011)(PDF)

9-27-2011 EEGR Law Section Meeting -- Minutes(PDF)

For further information, contact Sections at (334) 269-1515 or Mary Frances Garner.