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Alabama State Bar Section Membership Application (PDF) is available for download.
Section members are lawyers interested in administrative proceedings at the federal and state level. Members include government attorneys as well as private practitioners. The section presents a program during the annual meeting of the state bar and has been active in the implementation of the Alabama Administrative Procedure Act. The section also sponsors the Eugene W. Carter Medallion, an award given annually to a former public servant for excellence in balancing the rights of individuals against the interests of government. Annual dues are $20.
The Appellate Practice Section was created on March 14, 2003, for the purpose of fostering communication among lawyers and judges on matters pertaining to appellate practice. The section hopes to improve the quality of appellate practice in the state of Alabama. The Section will also act as a resource group for the Alabama appellate courts and the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals to assist in rules evaluations and amendments, pro bono appointments, appellate mediation, and other programs. The Section is currently seeking to attract members from private practice, both civil and criminal, plaintiff and defense, government attorneys and appellate judges. Annual dues are $20.
The primary function of the Bankruptcy and Commercial Law Section is to facilitate communication among its members concerning bankruptcy and commercial law matters and legal decisions, with a view toward promoting consistent application of these laws in the various districts and circuits of Alabama. The section has four standing committees: bankruptcy practice; commercial practice; CLE/annual meeting; and communications/newsletter. Additional committees are appointed on an ad hoc basis. The section sponsors CLE programs and law school writing competition, and is also involved in promoting legislation needed in the commercial law practice. The annual dues for section membership are $20.
In July 2000, the Corporate Counsel section merged with the Business Law section, which was until 1998, the Corporation, Business & Banking section. Merger of these sections is in line with current business and legal practices. The section serves
(1) members of the Alabama State Bar who provide legal services to corporate clients , either as in-house corporate attorneys or as attorneys in private practice who regularly advise clients; and
(2) attorneys in private practice who represent clients in a variety of business legal matters.
In addition, the section works with the Alabama Law Institute in a regular review of the corporate laws of Alabama and recommendation for revision of same from time to time as appropriate. Annual dues are $20.00.
This section is concerned with business litigation, including antitrust, trade regulation, interference with business relations, defamation of business, employment relations. An annual seminar is usually held, entitled "Antitrust and Business Torts." Meetings are also held during the annual meeting of the state bar. Section dues are $20.
Attorneys who might be interested in joining this section include those who have an interest in radio, television, cable, newspaper, magazine/book publications, public utility or common carrier issues (including cellular telephone service), and related subjects such as defamation, privacy and public access law. Not only attorneys who represent businesses of this nature, but also attorneys representing municipalities on these issues would likely be interested in this section. Annual dues are $15.
The Board of Bar Commissioners approved the formation of a new ASB Section on the Construction Industry, in light of the important role the industry plays in our State’s economy, the significant presence here of major construction and design firms, and the sizeable number of Alabama lawyers who represent owners of projects, designers, and constructors, as well as sureties, insurers and lenders serving the industry. The Construction Industry Section will provide opportunities for the exchange of views among lawyers representing the various aspects of the Construction Industry; provide educational services to lawyers and clients; and work through committees to suggest development of laws and regulations; to advance learning with regard to the construction industry; and to work with federal and state courts to develop ways to efficiently resolve disputes arising out of construction projects. It is anticipated that members of the Section will sponsor educational programs, be encouraged to prepare for publication in The Alabama Lawyer and other publications circulated in Alabama, and otherwise share information about the industry and construction law with interested members of the Alabama State Bar. Section dues are $15.
The Alabama State Bar Criminal Justice Section was created to serve as a non-partisan, policy advisory group that seeks to improve quality of legal service available to the people of Alabama. The Section seeks to be a voice on criminal justice issues in Alabama, to educate the public about the system, to enhance professional growth of Section members, and to increase the diversity, balance and strength of the Section’s membership and leadership. The purpose of this Section shall be to promote the objects of the Alabama State Bar within the field of Criminal Justice not assigned by the Board of Bar Commissioners of the Alabama State Bar to any other Section or to a Committee or Task Force of the Alabama State Bar. Annual dues are $20.
This section, created in 1995, is open to attorneys who serve the needs of a variety of clients (individuals, corporations and municipalities) in the rapidly developing field of disabilities law. Joining the section will give members an opportunity to network with attorneys of similar interests and attend professional educational seminars, as well as forum to exchange ideas and information. Annual dues are $20.
The Dispute Resolution Section addresses various aspects of dispute resolution; negotiations, mediation, arbitration and other techniques to either resolve or simplify the resolution of disputes. The section exists to emphasize to both providers and users of legal services that the Alabama State Bar recognizes the importance of efficient, cost effective resolution of disputes and the role of lawyers in that process. Annual dues are $15.
Formed in early 1997, this section's mission is to develop, promote and enhance the quality of legal services for the elderly in Alabama. By joining this section, attorneys have an opportunity to identify a network of practicing professionals interested in serving the needs of the elderly, and to create a forum for communication and timely dissemination and exchange of updates and changes in substantive law, policy interpretations of administrative agencies and areas of special interest. Annual dues are $25.
The members of this Section are attorneys interested in elections, ethics, campaign finance, lobbying, and government contracting disclosure issues at the federal, state, and local level. Attorneys in this Section wish to (1) foster communications and assist in the education of State Bar members on these subjects, and (2) serve as a resource for organizations and officials to assist in evaluating forms, rules, requirements, training programs, and proposed changes to the law. Annual dues are $15. For attorneys practicing for five years or less, dues are $10. Dues are (0) waived for attorneys working in the government sector.
Services and activities of the Environmental Law Section are professional improvement in the field of reporting to members of developments in the field, and communication with other lawyers practicing in the environmental law area. Annual dues are $20.
The Family Law Section of the Alabama State Bar was established in 1984. It publishes a newsletter for the benefit of family law practitioners. It also has a legislation subcommittee whose function is to consider state and federal legislation in the area of family law and the law of domestic relations, and to suggest needed reforms. The section has a legal education subsection which presents programs for the members. Annual dues are $50.
The purpose of this section is to promote the objects of the Alabama State Bar within the field of federal court practice. The section serves as the Alabama State Bar’s liaison to the federal courts, the standing committee of the Federal Judicial Conference, the Federal Bar Association chapters throughout Alabama, and those members of the Alabama State Bar interested in federal court practice. The section will foster communications between lawyers and judges on matters pertaining to federal practice, review and offer comment on proposed changes to federal rules, including local federal rules; and offer educational programs and publications designed to improve the federal court practice experience of Alabama State Bar members. Annual dues are $20.
This section is open to members of the plaintiffs and defense bar who are interested or involved in the ever-broadening interface between law and health care, including but not limited to various state and federal issues such as Medicare fraud and abuse, payment problems, merger and acquisition of health care entities, antitrust, fiscal management, peer review, provider malpractice, individual rights and Supreme Court actions. Annual dues are $15.
Established in 1998, this section is concerned with intellectual property, entertainment and sports law and includes the following Divisions: Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents, Trade Secrets, Film & Television, Music, Sports, Internet & Technology, Literary Publishing & New Media, and a Newsletter Division. Annual dues are $20.
Acknowledging that the globalization of the world economy has become a reality, the section held its organizational meeting in January 1996. The mission statement of this section is 'to enhance understanding of public and private international law principals that undergrid the world economy-including international trade and transactions, international law and treaties, and immigration and nationality law-to educate the membership by conducting programs and to build a state and global network of international legal professionals, thereby improving the delivery of legal services to our clients.' Annual dues are $30.
This section includes lawyers from throughout the state whose practice involves work in the areas of labor law, fair employment law, employee benefits law and occupational safety and health law. In addition to providing a forum for the exchange of information and ideas, the section sponsors an annual, two-day labor law seminar and, with the labor law sections of various other state bars, co-sponsors an annual multi-state labor and employment law seminar. Annual dues are $30 for lawyers with five or more years of practice and $10 for lawyers with less that five years of practice.
The Leadership Forum Section will promote the objectives of the Alabama State Bar within the field of leadership. Specifically, it will provide a community of lawyers within the State Bar committed to the ideals of servant leadership; promote communications among Section members on matters pertaining to development of leadership skills and professionalism; provide continued leadership training and education for Section members; assist in the education of general practitioners and other attorneys with respect to leadership; and provide an interface between lawyers and community leaders for on-going discussions relating to the challenges facing our State.

This Section is open to all members in good standing of the Alabama State Bar who are graduates of the Leadership Forum which began in 2005. Section dues are $30.
The Litigation Section seeks to (1) provide a forum where all trial attorneys may meet and discuss common problems; (2) provide an extensive educational program to improve the competency of the trial bar; and (3) improve the efficiency, uniformity and economy of litigation and work to curb abuses of the judicial process. Annual dues are $15.
The Oil, Gas and Mineral Law Section was established in 1976 and consists of an oil and gas division and a hard minerals division. The primary purpose of the section is to keep its members apprised of the developments in the law, and this is accomplished by cosponsoring with ABICLE an annual seminar on oil, gas and mineral law, as well as sponsoring a "mini-seminar" at the section meeting during the annual meeting of the state bar. Currently, the section is preparing a handbook on oil, gas and mineral law in Alabama. Annual dues are $15.
This section cooperates with and assists the Cumberland Institute for Continuing Legal Education in preparing and presenting programs relating to real property, trust and probate matters for members of the Alabama State Bar. The section also, in cooperation with the Cumberland School of Law, publishes a periodic newsletter reviewing recent court decisions dealing with real property, trust and probate matters and reports other matters of current interest relating to these topics. An annual seminar is held in conjuction with the annual meeting of the state bar. Annual dues are $10.
The purpose of this Section shall be to (a) promote the interests of senior lawyer members of the Alabama State Bar; (b) provide an appropriate forum for senior lawyers to raise issues pertinent to their circumstances;(c) provide a willing pool of mentors to younger members of the bar; (d) promote participation by retired and active member practitioners in public interest or volunteer service and/or pro bono programs on behalf of persons of limited economic means; (e) gain knowledge of transitioning to retirement, which may involve dissolving or winding down an active practice, financial planning and exploring available resources for senior lawyers. Annual dues are $25.
Membership in this section is primarily composed of tax practitioners. The section gives special emphasis to Alabama tax matters and has been involved in changing Alabama law and assisting the Department of Revenue in writing tax regulations. A program is held each year during the annual meeting of the state bar. Annual dues are $30.
The Women's Section was created to meet the needs of all female members of the Alabama State Bar. The purposes of the section are to provide its members with opportunities to network and communicate, to enhance their level of bar participation, and to promote the advancement of women in the legal profession. Section membership is open to any ASB member, male or female. Annual dues are $20.
The Workers' Compensation Law Section seeks to raise the awareness and understanding of the bar community with regard to workers' compensation legal matters. Annual dues are $30.
The Young Lawyers Section of the Alabama State Bar is composed of all lawyers who are 36 years of age and under or who have been admitted to the bar for three years or less. The section conducts various seminars throughout the year for lawyers and other professionals. It also sponsors service projects designed to aid the public in their understanding of the law and assist in solving legal problems. There are no dues since persons who are members of the Alabama State Bar and fulfill the age or admission requirements automatically are members.
For further information, contact Sections at (334) 269-1515 or Mary Frances Garner.