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Pledge of Professionalism
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I believe that our judicial system binds together the fabric of our democracy. I believe that, in order to maintain
our judicial system, lawyers must maintain a high degree of professional courtesy and decorum. I believe that every
lawyer has a professional duty to maintain a courteous and collegial atmosphere in the practice of law.
I believe that a courteous and collegial atmosphere begins with me.

Therefore, I will

• never knowingly deceive another lawyer.

• honor promises and commitments made to another lawyer.

• make all reasonable efforts to schedule matters with opposing counsel by agreement.

• maintain a cordial and respectful relationship with opposing counsel.

• seek sanctions against opposing counsel only where required for the protection of my client and not for mere tactical advantage.

• not make unfounded accusations of unethical conduct about opposing counsel.

• never intentionally embarrass another lawyer and will avoid personal criticism of another lawyer.

• attempt to always be punctual.

• seek informal agreement in procedural and preliminary matters.

• recognize that advocacy does not include harassment.

• recognize that advocacy does not include needless delay.

• shake hands with the opposing counsel at the close of adversarial proceedings and will refrain from engaging in any conduct which engenders disrespect for the court, my adversary or the parties.

• be ever mindful that any motion, trial, court appearance, deposition, pleading or legal technicality costs someone time and money.

• never have ex parte communications with the court.

• stand to address the court, be courteous and not engage in recrimination with the court.

• dress in proper attire during any court proceeding, whether in the courtroom or chambers, to show proper respect for the court and the law.

• not become too closely associated with my client’s activities, or become emotionally involved with my client.

• always remember that the purpose of the practice of law is neither an opportunity to make outrageous demands upon vulnerable opponents nor blind resistance to a just claim; being stubbornly litigious for a plaintiff or a defendant is not professional.

This pledge is adapted from the Alabama State Bar Code of Professional Courtesy adopted by the Board of Bar
Commissioners on April 10, 1992.