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We are continuing Past President Gibson Vance’s mission to provide all Alabama State Bar members with FIVE FREE hours of counseling services to get the confidential help they need. The ASB Lawyers Helpline provides resources that quickly and professionally assist you in handling problems affecting your personal or work life. Why allow problems to weigh you down? Completely confidential help is just a call away. Counselors answer the phone 24/7 to provide immediate support and assistance.


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The goal of the Lawyers Helpline is to put lawyer wellness at the forefront and make sure our attorneys have the resources, tools, and information they need to get help when they need it. We are going to do that by offering EVERY Alabama State Bar member FIVE FREE hours of counseling sessions from a licensed counselor.


Our profession faces historic challenges related to attorney well-being. Lawyers have significantly higher rates of problematic drinking and mental health problems than the general population.

  • Suicide is the third leading cause of death among attorneys; 3-6 times higher than other professions
  • 36% of licensed employed attorneys consume alcohol at levels consistent with problematic drinking; compared to 12% of other professionals
  • 28% of attorneys are struggling with some level of depression, and 19% show symptoms of anxiety. Younger attorneys in the first 10 years of practice have the highest incidence of these problems. In fact, 40% of law students report having severe depression upon graduation


If you are facing any of these challenges, please know that you are not alone. Call 1-800-605-8678 for confidential support.

Why is the Lawyers Helpline Important?

This CONFIDENTIAL helpline is important because many lawyers do not seek out the help that they need for behavioral health problems because they fear that someone will find out and it will discredit them and possibly affect their license. The five free counseling sessions are done completely anonymously. The Bar will not know the identity of those utilizing the service. The cost to our members is absolutely free. There are no financial obstacles to getting help. There is no fear of being stigmatized for getting help.

Call 1-800-605-8678 to get confidential support today.

Identifying a Problem

It may be difficult to identify a substance use disorder or other mental illness, but it is best to identify and seek help as soon as possible. However, it can be difficult to identify a problem if we do not know the signs and symptoms or if we are masking over the problems. If you suspect you may have a substance use disorder or other mental illness, contact the lawyers helpline at 1-800-605-8678 to speak to someone who can help you identify and address any problems you may be having.

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Your donation can help provide attorneys with free counseling services through our Lawyers Helpline.

The Lawyers Helpline offers professional and confidential counseling sessions for ASB members, up to FIVE FREE sessions per year. With one call you have 24/7/365 access to masters-level therapists for a range of issues:

  • Parenting problems
  • Family Problems
  • Work Difficulties
  • Marital Concerns
  • Emotional Upsets
  • Stress Problems
  • Depression
  • Alcohol/Drug Misuse
  • Other Personal Concerns

Other resources are available through the Alabama Lawyers Assistance Program.

Ready to get help? Click here to call our FREE, CONFIDENTIAL helpline.