A message from President Augusta Dowd:

On behalf of the over 18,000 members of the Alabama State Bar, welcome to our online home! Our bar is committed to advancing the principles of diversity across the spectrum of our profession, including racial, ethnic, gender, age, and geographic diversity, as well as diversity of professional experience. Like all other aspects of our society, the legal profession works best when people with multiple perspectives and different viewpoints work together to solve a shared problem or advance a common goal. Our common goals for the Alabama State Bar are to promote the professional responsibility and competence of our members, improve the administration of justice, and increase the public understanding of and respect for the law. Without having diversity of experience and input at the table when we are making decisions and charting our course for the future, it will be difficult – if not impossible – to meet those goals and solve the other problems our profession and society are facing in the most meaningful ways. Quite simply, we must build a bigger table, with seating enough for everyone around it.

Today, I hope you’ll accept the Alabama State Bar’s invitation to take your seat at the table. Bring your experience, your curiosity, your passion, your desire to make a difference and solve the problems you see facing us today and those challenges that are yet to come. Learn more about how to chart your course forward as a part of our legal community. Learn more about how the legal community impacts our society as a whole. We want you to have a seat at the table as our future unfolds, and we need your voice and perspective. Please let us hear from you.

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