A message from President Cole Portis:

Cole Portis (Cropped)The Alabama State Bar has developed a contact page called BetterBar. The Alabama State Bar is your bar. Therefore, you should know that our bar is guided by the principles of trust, integrity and service. From these principles, we advocate and serve the members of the bar and the public. Based upon all of these ideas, I believe we are called to love our neighbors, who include not only lawyers in our bar association, but also the public at large.

As part of our mission, our state bar must listen to its members. I am committed to transparency and communication throughout this year and I know that those in leadership are committed to the same ideals. Our state bar will travel to every local bar meeting to not only let you know what is happening in your bar, but more importantly to listen to you. Our bar is composed of bright, compassionate and caring members. We as a state bar would be foolish not to listen. So, I want to hear from you. I want to hear the good and the bad. I want to hear praise, criticism and ideas on how we can improve our members’ lives and our profession. Constant and consistent improvement is our goal.

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