Client Security Fund



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PO Box 66196
Mobile, AL 36660
(251) 473-4228 (251) 473-6447
Vice Chairperson
2100A Southbridge Pkwy Ste 580
Birmingham, AL 35209
(205) 871-5404 (205) 871-5758
Ex-Officio Member
PO Box 350
Union Springs, AL 36089
(334) 738-4225 (334) 738-4229
Ex-Officio Member
PO Box 671
Montgomery, AL 36101
(334) 269-1515 (334) 261-6310
2226 Country Club Dr.
Montgomery, AL 36106
(334) 430-1064
1224 Walnut St
Centreville, AL 35042
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318 18th St N Ste 201
Birmingham, AL 35203
(205) 251-2823 (205) 251-3832
PO Box 4160
Montgomery, AL 36103
(334) 269-2343 (334) 954-7555
103 Glassgow Place
Prattville, AL 36066
(334) 202-3969
PO Box 1607
Decatur, AL 35602
(256) 353-6761 (256) 353-6767
PO Box 671
Montgomery, AL 36101
(334) 269-1515
1409 Coliseum Blvd
Montgomery, AL 36110
(334) 242-6350 (334) 264-4359
Staff Liaison
P.O. Box 671
Montgomery, AL 36101
(334) 269-1515
Staff Liaison
PO Box 671
Montgomery, AL 36101
(334) 269-1515 (334) 261-6311

Purpose & Scope

This committee has considerable knowledge and experience in administering the client security fund and understands its complimentary role in the disciplinary process.


The committee will have the following duties and responsibilities:


(1)  To receive, evaluate, and determine and pay claims;

(2)  To study existing Client Security Fund rules and make recommendations to the Supreme

Court concerning possible amendments and revisions of said rules;


(3)  To promulgate rules of procedure not inconsistent with the client security fund rules;

(4)  To provide a full report at least annually to the state bar association and make other reports

and publicize its activities as the committee may deem advisable;

(5)   The committee should provide quarterly reports of their activities regarding claims analyzed

and paid to the Board of Bar Commissioners and the Executive Committee;

(6)  To employ and compensate consultants, agents, legal counsel and other persons as necessary;

(7)  To prosecute claims for restitution to which the fund is entitled; and

(8)  To take whatever action is necessary to carry out the provisions of these rules.


The committee should in writing also suggest ways to train members of the State Bar to prepare members to serve as trustees in those situations where an attorney has been disbarred or suspended.


The committee should elect from its membership a secretary who will be responsible for a written record of its actions.  The secretary, or a designee, should keep minutes of all meeting of the committee, or any subcommittee.  The original of the minutes will be filed with the Alabama State Bar within 14 days after the meetings, to be made a part of the committee’s permanent file.


The committee will divide itself into such subcommittees as may be necessary to effectively carry out its functions.  The chairperson should appoint sub-chairs for each subcommittee.


The committee and subcommittees should meet at the call of the chairperson or sub-chair, provided, however, that the committee as a whole should meet no less than two times during the year.


The Alabama State Bar, through its designated staff liaison, will assist the committee in carrying out its purpose.  To this end, the chairperson is requested to consult the staff liaison when scheduling meetings.  On three weeks’ notice, the committee may conduct its meeting at bar headquarters.  The liaison will assist in duplicating materials for them and facilitate the committee’s work by offering use of the bar’s resources whenever it is appropriate.  The liaison will also attend as many meetings as possible.