Governmental Ethics Task Force



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Purpose & Scope


This Task Force is created to study recent changes in the Alabama Ethics Law and opinions issued by the State of Alabama Ethics Commission and their effect upon the Alabama State Bar and its Board of Bar Commissioners.


This Task Force shall submit an initial report to the Executive Council on or before January 7, 2017. The Task Force shall take advantage of all resources available to it.


Recently, there have been an increasing number of changes in the Alabama Ethics Law which point to an uncertainty about the applicability of the Alabama Ethics Act upon various groups in the state.


The Task Force shall divide itself into such committees as shall be necessary or appropriate to effectively carry out its functions. The chairperson shall appoint chairs for each committee.


The Task Force shall elect from its membership a secretary who shall be responsible for a written record of its actions. The secretary, or a designee, shall keep minutes of all meetings of the Task Force, or any committee thereof. The original of the minutes shall be filed with the Alabama State Bar within fourteen days after each meeting, to be made a part of the Task Force’s file.


The Task Force and its committees shall meet at the call of the chairperson or the committee, in person or by conference call as the chairperson and committee chairs shall determine.