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Purpose & Scope

The committee is charged with the responsibility of reviewing all group sponsored and approved insurance programs available through the Alabama State Bar.  In addition to reviewing those current programs, this committee shall submit proposals for new programs or modifications of existing programs to the board of commissioners for their action thereon.


The committee should submit a written annual report to the Executive Committee of the Board of Bar Commissioners as it carries out the following activities:


  • Oversees the State Bar approved and/or sponsored Group Insurance Programs, which include life, major medical, accidental death and dismemberment, disability, personal auto and homeowners, business overhead, personal umbrella, disaster recovery;
  • Oversees the State Bar approved and or sponsored individual policies;
  • Reviews what insurance programs are currently available through local bar associations in Alabama; whether overlap, if any, is being taken into account, and whether local programs affect the number of participants in statewide programs (i.e. over-utilization issues);
  • Acts as an advisor to the Executive Committee with respect to the programs;
  • Studies and makes recommendations and/or changes to the existing programs;
  • Evaluates program carriers and brokers;
  • Monitors long-term financial issues;
  • Proposes product enhancement, directs product pricing and design and related matters;
  • Prepare new products as they become available;
  • Strives to ensure that the program is philosophically and structurally attuned to the needs of Alabama’s attorneys and consumers


The Alabama State Bar, through its designated staff liaison, will assist the committee in carrying out its purpose. To this end, the chairperson is requested to consult the staff liaison when scheduling meetings.  On three weeks’ notice, the committee may conduct its meeting at bar headquarters.