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Purpose & Scope

This committee shall specifically consider for 2014-2015:


  • Beginning a campaign for greater inclusion of judges in the bar, including consideration of (1) potential creation of a judicial section; (2) ideas concerning dues for judges who are members of the Alabama State Bar; and, (3) other ideas to foster involvement of judges and coordination of mutually beneficial activities.
  • Creation of a List Serve for communications with and for judges, including subcommittees to consider how and to work with Digital Communications Committee regarding implementation.


Further, the committee may consider the following goals, but it shall have the flexibility to set its own goals as well:


  1. Keep communication open between Administrative Office of Courts and the National Judicial College.
  2. Determine ways in which the operation of the court system in Alabama can be improved and make those suggestions known to the appropriate groups.
  3. Develop opportunities for an exchange of ideas between judges and lawyers to continue to improve communications between the Bench & Bar.
  4. Implement any protocol appropriate from time to time to respond to unfair criticisms of both the bench and bar in Alabama.
  5. Review the needs and issues related to the Court and Technology, especially in how the Bar can become involved with fee and structure issues with the Court’s filing and record keeping stems.
  6. Review existing court cost structure as well as proposed revisions and additions to local and statewide court costs.


The committee will divide itself into such subcommittees as may be necessary to effectively carry out its functions. The chairperson shall appoint sub-chairs for each subcommittee.


The committee and subcommittees shall meet at the call of the chairperson or sub-chair, provided, however, that the committee as a whole shall meet no less than two times during the year.


The Alabama State Bar, through its designated staff liaison, will assist the committee in carrying out its purpose.