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Purpose & Scope

The direct outreach to members and the recent efforts last year by the Local Bar Task Force to develop a partnership between itself and the Bar has seen immediate results. Therefore, the work of this task force shall be on-going this year. The task force shall both sustain and improve upon its inaugural efforts carried our last year to strengthen the State Bar’s relationships with both local and specialty bars.


The task force shall develop a plan of action for accomplishing its goal. The following should be considered and included in the plan of action.

  1. Assist in co-sponsoring the 2017 fall leadership bar conference in Montgomery
  2. Work with the President, Executive Director, and bar staff to communicate various messages to local and specialty bars on whatever issues State Bar leadership deems appropriate at any given time.
  3. Establish a regular and on-going means of communication with local bars to create connections with local and specialty bars and continue dissemination of State Bar programs through local outreach and CLE programs.
  4. Among other messages communicated this year, the task force shall educate our bar members on court funding issues, so our bar members can in turn encourage their legislators to support judicial funding.
  5. Encourage the utilization of local bars as partners for state bar programs.
  6. No later than May 1, 2018, the task force shall determine if it will recommend to the President and the President-elect that the task force be a permanent standing committee of the Bar, or remain as a task force for another year.


The task force shall elect from its membership a secretary who shall be responsible for a written record of all its actions. The secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings of the task force and a copy of the original of the minutes shall be filed with Department of External Affairs after each meeting or conference.


The task force shall meet at the call of the chair. The Alabama State Bar, through its designated staff liaison, will assist the task force in carrying out its purpose.