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Purpose + Scope

The Leadership Forum was originally created “to produce committed and involved lawyers willing to take significant leadership roles in local and state bars, and serve as role models in matters of ethics and professionalism.”


The Forum’s mission has been revised through the years, and is set out as follows:

  • To build a core of practicing lawyers that better understand the core values of ethics and professionalism and strive to raise the overall standards of our bar


  • To mold a critical mass of lawyers who will understand and appreciate the concept of servant leadership, and who will be ambassadors for the principles associated with it


  • To form a pool of lawyers who will be leaders both in the state and local bar associations as well as their communities


  • To change the trajectory of the State of Alabama through active leadership


The Program Committee shall work with the Director of the Leadership Forum and other senior management of the State Bar to select the topic and speakers and other details as assigned, for each of the Forum sessions between January and May of each year, including graduation. The Committee shall consider the large volume of historical data available to it from 2005-2015 as it carries out its task.


The committee may divide itself into such subcommittees as may be necessary to effectively carry out its functions.  The chairperson shall appoint sub-chairs for each subcommittee.


The Alabama State Bar, through its designated staff liaison, will assist the committee in carrying out its purpose. To this end, the chairperson is requested to consult with the staff liaison when scheduling meetings or conference calls.