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Purpose & Scope

The task force is organized under the Celebrate the Profession Committee, and is charged with the planning, implementation and oversight of the Alabama State Bar 2014 Pro Bono Celebration.


In 2008, the American Bar Association approved the first every National Pro Bono Celebration.


Scheduled for October, the National Pro Bono Celebration is an opportunity to celebrate the difference lawyers make in communities, to recruit and train more pro bono volunteers, and to acknowledge the partnerships that form the basis for so many of the private bar’s successful pro bono efforts.


The goal is to develop projects around the state that will: 1) increase awareness within the bar of the need for and ways to participate in pro bono work; 2) present an opportunity for lawyers to contribute to their local communities; 3) provide an opportunity to showcase the pro bono work provided by attorneys throughout the year around the state and; 4) identify and celebrate the positive work of bar members.