Beginning in 2014, the annual invoice will contain a statement indicating each member’s Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) status, plus whether any additional credits need to be earned in order to achieve compliance by the annual deadline of December 31.  An attorney must earn at least 12.0 total MCLE credits (including 1.0 ethics) annually. This notice is not a non-compliance notice, but simply a helpful reminder to those who have not yet completed their annual credit requirement.

Non-compliant attorneys will receive a written notice of an MCLE deficiency in late January or early February. Attorneys who are in compliance should go online and print a copy of their transcript to keep for their records around that same time.

Attorneys should check their transcripts periodically for compliance and should always check it in early December to assure that all credits have been reported to the MCLE Department and are up-to-date. If they find at that time that they are lacking credits, this will give them several days prior to the years’ end to complete their MCLE requirement.

The full list of MCLE Rules and Regulations can be found here.