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2010 Annual Meeting + Baytowne = Enjoyment and Fun, May, pg. 187
A Life Well Lived, March, pg. 109
A Primer on the New Electronic Discovery Provisions in the Alabama Rules of Civil Procedure, May, pg. 206
Absent Valid Attorney’s Lien, the File of the Client Belongs to the Client, May, pg. 235
Alabama Appellate Practice Guide by Ed Haden, January, pg. 46
Alabama State Bar Fall 2009 Admittees, January, pg. 24
Alabama State Bar Volunteer Lawyers Program 2009 Honor Roll, January, pg. 36
And Justice for All, May, pg. 181
ASB Leadership Forum, January, pg. 52
Charles Rogers Crowder, March, pg. 114
Corporate Governance and the HealthSouth Derivative Litigation, March, pg. 128
Creation of Commercial Litigation Docket in the Birmingham Division, Tenth Judicial Circuit, January, pg. 56
Disciplinary Notices, January, pg. 89
Disciplinary Notices, March, pg. 167
Disciplinary Notices, May, pg. 245
Disharmony in Alabama’s Conformity to the Federal Tax Classification of Business Entities, March, pg. 122
Donald N. Spurrier, January, pg. 20
Environmental Citizen Suits in Alabama– A Look Back and a Glance Forward, May, pg. 196
Ethical Obligations of a Lawyer When His Client Has Committed or Intends to Commit Perjury, March, pg. 159
Fun in the Sun, May, pg. 193
J. Gilmer Blackburn, January, pg. 17
Jackson Wilson Guyton, January, pg. 18
James R. Pratt, III, May, pg. 185
John A. Lockett, Jr., January, pg. 19
John Bingham, March, pg. 113
Legislative Wrap-Up, January, pg. 85
Legislative Wrap-Up, March, pg. 165
Legislative Wrap-Up, May, pg. 237
Memorials, January, pg. 20
Memorials, March, pg. 115
Memorials, May, pg. 191
Milestones and Memories of Jones School of Law: From Reading Law to Accredited Law School, March, pg. 138
Navigating the Medicare Reporting Minefield– A Practitioner’s Guide to Settlement with a Medicare Beneficiary, May, pg. 212
New Admittees, CLE and Pro Bono — Have We Left Anything Out?, January, pg. 23
Oops, It Happened Again: Inadvertent Disclosure under New Federal Rule of Evidence 502, January, pg. 64
Piercing the Corporate Veil: When is Too Much Fiction a Bad Thing?, January, pg. 58
Reliance, the Bachelor: Will Experience Answer the Open Questions of Reasonable Reliance?, January, pg. 68
Remembering Judge James, Honoring Judge Graffeo, May, pg. 192
Robert W. Lee, January, pg. 19
Seeking a Recusal: Calling the Judge a Lizard Won’t Help Your Cause, May, pg. 220
Spring Into Serivce!, March, pg. 117
Task Force to Examine Interest in Creating New Federal Court Practice Section, January, pg. 50
Thank You, Legal Services!, January, pg. 9
Thank You, Volunteer Lawyers!, March, pg. 105
The Image of the Legal Profession and the Weather, January, pg. 13
The Professional Cost of Untreated Addiction and Mental Illness in Practicing Lawyers, March, pg. 152
The Real Heroes of the Lawyer Referral Service Are Attorneys Just Like You!, March, pg. 120
The VLP and the Scoundrel Relative, May, pg. 228
The VLP and the Thief, January, pg. 45
The VLP, Matlock and Perry Mason, March, pg. 157
Third Party Auditing of Lawyers’ Billings–Confidentiality Problems and Interference with Representation, January, pg. 79
Twombly and Iqbal: The Effect of the “Plausibility” Pleading Standard on Alabama Litigators, January, pg. 75
What Kind of Bang Am I Getting for My Buck with the LRS?, January, pg. 48
What’s the Scoop? Background Checks and the Fair Credit Reporting Act, March, pg. 146


Browse 2009 issues
“In Consequence of the Intoxication” Causation under Alabama’s Dram Shop Act: Sell Beware, May, pg. 190
2008: A Busy Year for the Alabama State Bar, March, pg. 91
2009 Annual Meeting Photo Highlights, September, pg. 346
2009 Award Recipients, September, pg. 344
A Brave New World of Judicial Recusal? The United States Supreme Court Enters the Fray, September, pg. 368
A Guide to Impeachment in Federal and Alabama State Courts, January, pg. 44
A Labor of Love: Betty Love Blends Family, Service, and A Lifetime Love of the Law, September, pg. 366
A Perspective on the Alabama State Bar’s 2009 Leadership Forum–Class 5, September, pg. 341
A Primer on Applying Article 3 and 4 to The Ten Most Common Check Disputes, July, pg. 278
A Team Effort, July, pg. 261
A Trip Through Depression, November, pg. 458
ABA Membership Has Broadened My Horizons, January, pg. 59
Access to Justice– Now More than Ever, September, pg. 319
Advisory Committee on the Alabama Rules of Evidence, September, pg. 365
Alabama ADR Goes Global, November, pg. 418
Alabama Appellate Mediation, Five Years Later, November, pg. 421
Alabama Attorneys Complete Work at Annual Uniform Law Conference, November, pg. 454
Alabama Law Institute 40 Years of Service, May, pg. 224
Alabama Lawyers Hall of Fame, July, pg. 286
Alabama Native Becomes Chief Judge of Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, July, pg. 296
Alabama Provides Fertile Ground for Growing ABA Leaders, January, pg. 61
Alabama State Bar Fall 2008 Admittees, January, pg. 24
Alabama State Bar Reaches Membership Milestone, January, pg. 35
Alabama State Bar Spring 2009 Admittees, September, pg. 334
Alabama State Bar Volunteer Lawyers Program 2008 Pro Bono Honor Roll, March, pg. 103
Alyce Manley Spruell, May, pg. 171
Another Modest Proposal, July, pg. 251
AOC Now Charges AlaCourt Subscribers Per-Page Fee, March, pg. 139
Archibald Thomas Reeves III, November, pg. 416
Arthur Emmett Gamble, Jr., January, pg. 18
ASB’s Long-Range Plan: Direction and Accomplishment for the Profession, Part II, January, pg. 11
Basics of Certiorari Practice in the Alabama Supreme Court, May, pg. 198
Benjamin Franklin Stokes, III, March, pg. 94
Better Me than You, November, pg. 462
Birmingham Lawyer Cristina Rodriguez Recognized as 16,000th Member, January, pg. 34
Calm, Rational Decisions Work Best in Difficult Times, May, pg. 214
Celebrate Alabama’s Pro Bono Week, September, pg. 350
Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary, May, pg. 182
Class 5 Graduates, September, pg. 340
Coming this Spring: Online Voting for State Bar Elections, November, pg. 409
Conducting Business in the Twenty-First Century: How to Avoid Organizational Suicide, May, pg. 184
Confidentiality/Sealed Settlements, March, pg. 141
Contact with Employees of Opposing Party– Refined Opinion, November, pg. 463
Cumberland Community Mediation Center Serves as a Voice of Reason, November, pg. 423
Dependency Cases– Litigate or Mediate?, November, pg. 428
Disciplinary Notices, January, pg. 73
Disciplinary Notices, July, pg. 307
Disciplinary Notices, March, pg. 149
Disciplinary Notices, May, pg. 229
Disciplinary Notices, November, pg. 473
Disciplinary Notices, September, pg. 395
Douglas Charles Freeman, January, pg. 17
Edward J. Azar, November, pg. 413
Federal Review of Voting Changes: The U.S. Supreme Court Opens the Door to Relief, September, pg. 374
From Power to Service: The Story of Lawyers in Alabama, November, pg. 448
Gary Wolfe: A Lawyer Serving His Community through Coaching, January, pg. 36
Gathering Clouds and Raging Storms, March, pg. 87
George Peach Taylor, March, pg. 94
Getting Your Money’s Worth in These Difficult Times, May, pg. 173
H. Powell Lipscomb, III, May, pg. 175
Henry Arthur Leslie, November, pg. 414
Herbert J. Fawwal, July, pg. 257
I Cannot Imagine a Legal Career without Membership in the ABA, January, pg. 61
In Memoriam Karen LaMoreaux Bryan, November, pg. 419
Internet Transactions and Communications: Expanding or Contracting Traditional Notions of Personal Jurisdiction, September, pg. 378
Jack E. Propst, Sr., May, pg. 176
Jackie M. McDougal, May, pg. 175
Jim Crow and Me, Stories from My Life as a Civil Rights Lawyer by Solomon S. Seay, Jr. with Judge Delores Boyd, March, pg. 112
John Cleveland Hays Miller, Jr., November, pg. 415
John H. Lavette, November, pg. 413
John Nathanael Bryan, January, pg. 17
Jones Law School to Host ABA Representation in Mediation Competition, November, pg. 424
Judge Lee Clyde Traylor, July, pg. 258
Kids’ Chance Scholarship Recipients, September, pg. 352
Law Day 2009- A Legacy of Liberty–Celebrating Lincoln’s Bicentennial, July, pg. 288
Law in a Changing Climate, September, pg. 358
Law Partners of Substitute Municipal Judge May Represent Clients in Municipal Court Provided Said Matters Are Completely Unrelated to Those Wherein Partner Presided As Substitute Judge, September, pg. 387
Lawrence B. Sheffield, III, January, pg. 18
Lawyers Render Service: State Bar Fulfills Its Goal for Judicial Education, July, pg. 276
Lawyers’ Trust Account Obligations with Regard to Retainers and Set Fees, January, pg. 65
Legal Stressors on Providing Recoverable Damages for Mental Anguish, January, pg. 52
Legislative Wrap-Up, January, pg. 69
Legislative Wrap-Up, July, pg. 301
Legislative Wrap-Up, March, pg. 145
Legislative Wrap-Up, May, pg. 221
Legislative Wrap-Up, November, pg. 469
Legislative Wrap-Up, September, pg. 391
Marion Howard Haygood, September, pg. 325
Matthew Lee Huffaker, September, pg. 326
Maury Drane Smith, September, pg. 328
Memorials, January, pg. 19
Memorials, July, pg. 259
Memorials, March, pg. 95
Memorials, May, pg. 176
Memorials, November, pg. 416
Memorials, September, pg. 329
My New Year’s Resolutions, January, pg. 7
Nina Miglionico, September, pg. 326
Outside the Courtroom and Inside the Classroom: Career Attorney Discovers Joy of Teaching, September, pg. 354
Part-Time Judges, Part-Time Assistant District Attorneys and Imputed Disqualification, May, pg. 217
Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow, July, pg. 247
Partnership with the Alabama Legal Community, January, pg. 63
Pro Bono Legal Services: No “Shuckin’ and Jivin'”, November, pg. 456
Pro Bono Mediator Award, November, pg. 420
Pro Bono Week Just the Beginning of Emphasis on Access to Justice, November, pg. 407
Professionalism in Alabama: A Look at Our Past and Present in Planning Our Future, July, pg. 290
Purchasing from Merchants on eBay and the Implied Warranty of Merchantability: An Overview, July, pg. 266
Red Flags for Young Attorneys to Avoid, May, pg. 206
Removal under Lowery v. Alabama Power Co., March, pg. 120
Rendering Service to Those from Another Continent, September, pg. 321
Saying “No” to Court? An Introduction to the Collaborative-Law Process, November, pg. 434
Sign Up, Join In, September, pg. 331
Spring Brings More than Flowers and Showers, March, pg. 101
Stanley K. Smith, July, pg. 258
State Bar LRS Offers Discounts to Military Personnel, September, pg. 353
The Agency Argument– What ERISA Plaintiffs and Defendants Need to Know, March, pg. 130
The Alabama State Bar Leadership Forum Celebrating Five Years: Reaching Out to a New Generation of Servant Leaders, May, pg. 212
The Alabama State Bar Provides Rich Heritage of Support for the American Bar Association, January, pg. 60
The Alabama Supreme Court Commission on Dispute Resolution: Fifteen Years of Quiet Service with Results, November, pg. 422
The American Bar Association: A Valuable Resource, January, pg. 59
The Arbitration Alternative– Some Common Issues, November, pg. 439
The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute Honors Legacy of Justice Oscar Adams, July, pg. 264
The Finest Man I’ve Ever Known, July, pg. 273
The New and Expanded Americans with Disabilities Act, January, pg. 38
The Role of Amicus Briefs, March, pg. 114
The Role of Mediation for ESI Disputes, November, pg. 425
Turbulent Political and Economic Times– The Bar Will Respond, May, pg. 163
Unclaimed Client Trust Funds–Escheat to State, July, pg. 297
Update and General Selection Criteria, September, pg. 338
VLP: Good for You and Me, May, pg. 179
We Made It, May, pg. 183
William Brevard Hand, March, pg. 93


Browse 2008 issues
“Request for Oral Argument Denied:” The Death of Oral Argument in Alabama’s Appellate Courts, March, pg. 122
2008 Annual Meeting Photo Highlights, September, pg. 322
2008 Award Recipients, September, pg. 321
2008 Regular Session of the Legislature, January, pg. 71
A Perspective on the Alabama State Bar’s 2008 Leadership Forum–Class 4, September, pg. 343
A Pleading Delayed May Mean Justice Denied, Amended Pleading Practice under Alabama Rule of Civil Procedure 15(a), July, pg. 264
A Survey of Recent and Pending Alabama Tax Cases Involving the Commerce Clause, March, pg. 110
Accessibility and Possible Cost-Shifting of ESI, July, pg. 276
Alabama State Bar Fall 2007 Admittees, January, pg. 54
Alabama State Bar Leadership Forum 2009 – Class 5, July, pg. 246
Alabama State Bar Responds to Mortgage Foreclosure Crisis, November, pg. 412
Alabama State Bar Spring 2008 Admittees, September, pg. 316
Alabama State Bar Volunteer Lawyers Program 2007 Pro Bono Honor Roll, January, pg. 21
Alabama Supreme Court Awards Harper Lee Honorary Special Membership, July, pg. 252
Alvin F. Harris, Sr., July, pg. 243
An Alabama Lawyer’s Experience in the Middle East, May, pg. 194
Another Great Year for the YLS, July, pg. 289
ASB’s Long-Range Plan: Direction and Accomplishment for the Profession, November, pg. 399
Become Active in the YLS– Join Us for the Sandestin CLE, May, pg. 213
Billing Client for Attorney’s Fees, Costs and Other Expenses, May, pg. 209
Business and Non-Profit Entities Code, November, pg. 457
Cecil Bruce King, November, pg. 406
Charles P. Allison, November, pg. 405
Class 4 Graduates, September, pg. 342
Corporation and Individual Directors, November, pg. 455
Disciplinary Notices, January, pg. 65
Disciplinary Notices, July, pg. 247
Disciplinary Notices, March, pg. 139
Disciplinary Notices, May, pg. 215
Disciplinary Notices, November, pg. 473
Disciplinary Notices, September, pg. 373
Discovery of Electronically Stored Information– Potential Alabama Civil Procedure Rules, March, pg. 106
Ellsworth Peter Scales, III, November, pg. 407
Emergency Voting Changes, July, pg. 293
Ex Parte Flowers: The Alabama Supreme Court’s Most Recent Decision Shaping the Work-Product Doctrine, September, pg. 332
Fifteen Tons and a Facelift, July, pg. 241
First Recipients of Bar’s Scholarship Attend National Judicial College, January, pg. 53
Fishing with Dynamite: How Lawyers Can Avoid Needless Problems From “Pretextual Calling”, May, pg. 182
George MacDonald Gallion, January, pg. 18
Good, Better, Best, November, pg. 453
H. Thomas Wells, Jr. President-Elect, American Bar Association, July, pg. 239
In the Supreme Court of Alabama– September 12, 2008, November, pg. 461
Joe Hilley: Lawyer and Legal Thriller Author, May, pg. 174
Joe L. Payne, March, pg. 100
John Lauthlin Moore, III, November, pg. 406
Judge Michael Orizaba Emfinger, May, pg. 170
Judicial Review of Arbitration Awards in the Alabama Courts, November, pg. 434
Lawyer May Seek Appointment of Guardian for Client Under a Disability, or Take Other Protective Action Necessary to Advance Best Interest of Client, January, pg. 75
Lawyers and Judges Work to Encourage Professionalism, May, pg. 172
Legislative Process, March, pg. 143
Legislative Wrap-Up, July, pg. 291
Legislative Wrap-Up, May, pg. 221
Legislative Wrap-Up, September, pg. 381
Mandatory IOLTA, Increasing the Pro Hac Vice Fee and an End to Traveling Like Boxcar Willie for Bar Committee Members, January, pg. 7
Margaret Ellen Thompson Turner, March, pg. 101
Margaret Scholten Childers, March, pg. 99
Meet Your Alabama State Bar Staff, September, pg. 359
Memorials, July, pg. 244
Memorials, March, pg. 102
Memorials, May, pg. 170
Memorials, November, pg. 407
Memorials, September, pg. 313
Models of Professionalism, May, pg. 167
Mylan R. Engel, March, pg. 100
N. Q. Adams, May, pg. 169
Name “John Doe & Associates” May Be Used Only If Attorney Employs At Least One Associate, March, pg. 147
New Neighbors, March, pg. 95
Nicholas Tilford Braswell, III, November, pg. 406
Notes on Stays Pending Appeals in Alabama’s Appellate Courts, July, pg. 284
Only Wrestlers Can Fake Professionalism, July, pg. 235
Patricia Yeager Fuhrmeister, July, pg. 243
Pavillion Development, LLC v. JBJ Partnership: The Court’s Struggle with Waiver, January, pg. 36
Plan B– A Woman’s Perspective, September, pg. 352
Professor Harry Cohen, January, pg. 17
Protecting Privileges and Confidentiality When Dealing with Experts, July, pg. 256
Rae M. Crowe, May, pg. 169
Retention and Destruction of Client Files, July, pg. 250
Robert A. Huffaker: A Quarter-Century of Dedicated Service, September, pg. 311
Rule 1.15(e) of the Rules of Professional Conduct: A Banker’s Perspective on Section (e) Compliance, March, pg. 103
Senator Howell T. Heflin among New Hall of Fame Members, July, pg. 253
Short-Changing Our Judges, January, pg. 11
Speaking for Those without a Voice, May, pg. 159
Speaking Truth to Power and Eliminating Kudzu in Our Profession’s Garden, March, pg. 91
State Bar Actively Addressing Growing Hispanic Population, November, pg. 448
Taking Benefits Back: Reimbursement Under ERISA, January, pg. 44
Ten Tips to Improve Your Case on Appeal, November, pg. 443
Thank You, 2007 Pro Bono Mediators, September, pg. 347
The Alabama State Bar Diversity in the Profession Committee: Continuing to Build a More Inclusive Bar, May, pg. 178
The Case of the Vanishing Devise, or in the Alternative, Praise the Lord! It’s Not Adeemed, September, pg. 326
The Current Status of Judicial Accountability, November, pg. 426
The Farm Bill Opens Door for Black Farmers, November, pg. 410
The Fourth Time Around, September, pg. 356
The Insurance Tripartite Relationship: “Who Is My Client Anyway?”, November, pg. 416
The Returned Phone Call, September, pg. 354
They Were Lawyers, November, pg. 395
Thomas J. Methvin, May, pg. 165
Thoughts from the New Guy, September, pg. 307
Unclaimed Client Trust Funds–Escheat to State, September, pg. 377
Understanding Addiction, Helping Clients and Colleagues, September, pg. 348
Uniform Law Commission Concludes 117th Annual Meeting, November, pg. 447
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage– A Desk Reference for Alabama Lawyers, May, pg. 202
Update and General Selection Criteria– Background and Mission, September, pg. 340
Walter McGowin: A Lawyer Winning the Game of Setting Priorities in Life, January, pg. 51
Want to Know Your Employees Better? Log On to a Social Network But, Be Warned, You May Not Like What You See, March, pg. 130
Windell Clifton Owens, July, pg. 244
Workers’ Compensation and the Amendment of Alabama’s Intestacy Statute, September, pg. 369
You’ve Caught a Thief Amongst You– What Now?, January, pg. 30
Young Lawyers’ Section, January, pg. 19
Young Lawyers’ Section, November, pg. 451
Young Lawyers’ Section, September, pg. 371


Browse 2007 issues
2006 Pro Bono Honor Roll, January, pg. 33
2007 ASB Leadership Forum Turns Three, March, pg. 142
A Large Firm Takes on Pro Bono, January, pg. 50
A Practical Approach to Increasing Professionalism, July, pg. 278
Accommodation or Transformation, March, pg. 152
Addressing the Unthinkable: How You Can Constructively Deal with the Problem of Suicide, March, pg. 154
Alabama Law Foundation Announces Kids’ Chance Scholarship Winners, January, pg. 79
April in Talladega, March, pg. 132
Assisting One Can Help Hundreds, March, pg. 158
Billy Melton, Lawyer, July, pg. 276
BMW v. Gore: Ten Years Later, March, pg. 126
Civil Actions and Bankruptcy Proceedings: A Collision of Two Very Different Worlds, July, pg. 290
Courage, March, pg. 159
Hank Caddell: Alabama’s Lawyer of the Year, January, pg. 68
In Defense of Judicial Elections, July, pg. 295
Law Day 2007, July, pg. 284
New Landlord-Tenant Act Makes It Easier for Legal Services and VLP Lawyers to Help Low-Income Tenants, January, pg. 41
Notice Pleading in the Mass Tort Arena: What is Sufficient Notice?, January, pg. 74
Our Highest Calling, January, pg. 44
Parting Ways: What a Lawyer and Law Firm Need to Consider When a Lawyer Leaves the Firm, July, pg. 286
Preventing Waiver of Arguments on Appeal, July, pg. 302
Public Interest Group Profiles, January, pg. 52
Public Service by Law Students, January, pg. 46
Selecting Alabama’s Appellate Judges–A Better Way, March, pg. 134
Selections from Times Were Tough: Alabama Law Graduates of the 1930s Tell Their Stories An Oral History Project, March, pg. 118
The National Judicial College, January, pg. 32
Unraveling ERISA Civil Penalties, March, pg. 142
What’s in a Name? Trademark Infringements in Cyberspace, January, pg. 70


Browse 2006 issues
2007 Leadership Forum Application, September, pg. 331
A Perspective on the ASB 2006 Leadership Forum Class II, September, pg. 332
Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution 2006 Pro Bono Mediators Honor Roll, September, pg. 375
ASB Annual Meeting: Photo Highlights, September, pg. 351
Deductibility of Litigation Expenses Paid by Alabama Attorneys, November, pg. 444
Guardians of Justice Campaign–Inaugural Event at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, September, pg. 372
Involuntary Commitment from a Probate Judge’s Perspective, November, pg. 450
Judge Harold Abritton: From Covington County Lawyer to Respected Federal Judge, November, pg. 416
Leadership Forum: 2007 Alabama State Bar Leadership Forum Update and General Selection Criteria, September, pg. 330
National Law Conference Adopts Eight New Uniform Acts, November, pg. 465
Paws Laws or How Nigel and Miss Muffy Came to be Rich, November, pg. 432
Prize Winners, September, pg. 357
Report of the Alabama State Bar Quality of Life Survey, September, pg. 368
The Alabama Trust Code, September, pg. 358
The Care and Feeding of In-House Counsel, September, pg. 340
The New Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act: Balancing the Scales of Justice in the Landlord-Tenant Relationship, November, pg. 422
The Top Ten Things Your In-House Counsel Wants from You, September, pg. 336


Browse 2005 issues
2004 Pro Bono Honor Roll, January, pg. 45
2005 Annual Meeting Highlights, March, pg. 146
A Perspective on the ASB’s Inaugural Leadership Forum, November, pg. 348
After the Battle over Arbitration: An Analysis of Post-Enforceability Issues Confronting Lawyers and Litigants in Actual Arbitration Proceedings, 7, pg. 442
Alabama Lawyer Assistance Program: Your Partner Needs Help, July, pg. 188
Appellate Mediation: Comments from the Mediation Office on Confidentiality and Sanctions, 7, pg. 424
ASB 2005 Annual Meeting, July, pg. 201
Beneficiary Deeds and Estate Planning, March, pg. 118
Beware the Litigation-Based Waiver Trap: Protecting the Right to Remove in the Eleventh Circuit, November, pg. 380
Byrd v. Dillard’s, Inc.: Deciphering the AlaADEA’s Statutes of Limitations Language, November, pg. 374
Conservation Easements as Qualified Conservation Contributions, March, pg. 124
Daphne Firm Holds Reception Honoring Retiring Supreme Court Justice J. Gorman Houston, Jr., March, pg. 143
Deepening Insolvency in Alabama: Is it a tort, a damages theory or neither of the above?, July, pg. 190
Detach, Relax, Participate: Taking Care of Yourself Is Critical, 7, pg. 435
Equitable Estoppel against the Government in Alabama, March, pg. 110
Fair Pay Exemptions for You and Your Client, September, pg. 268
Federal Government Contracting: A Legal and Practical Guide for Alabama Lawyers, July, pg. 220
Fighting over Government Contracts, January, pg. 38
Highlights from ASB 2005 Annual Meeting, November, pg. 356
Hundreds of Posters and Essays Illustrate American Jury System in Law Day Contests, September, pg. 265
Implementation of House Bill 308: Motion Cover Sheet, March, pg. 100
Is It Time for the Plain English Jury Charge?, January, pg. 60
Leadership, Service and Professionalism, November, pg. 346
Learning to Lead, November, pg. 350
Navigating the Appellate Process: A Guide for Appellants in Civil Cases, January, pg. 54
President-Elect Profiles: Fournier J. Gale, III and W. N. Watson, July, pg. 170
Remarks by Michael S. Greco, president-elect, American Bar Association, July, pg. 183
Taking Care of Business: Non-Consumer Aspects of the Bankruptcy Abuse and Consumer Protection Act of 2005, November, pg. 365
The Alabama Class Action: Does It Exist Any Longer? And Does It Matter?, September, pg. 288
The Alabama Law Foundation Announces the 2004 Fellows, July, pg. 182
The Face of Title IX: Post-Jackson v. Birmingham Board of Education, 7, pg. 428
The Subtle Snake: Long-Term Disability Insurance under ERISA, September, pg. 278
Update on Amendments to the Alabama Rules of Appellate Procedure, July, pg. 217
What Non-Immigration Lawyers Should Know about Immigration Law, 7, pg. 436


Browse 2004 issues
ADR–Photo Highlights, May, pg. 160
Alabama Giving: Lawyers Play a Key Role in Growth of Community, March, pg. 84
Appeal Early and Often? Appellate Review of Non-Final Orders in Alabama, July, pg. 254
Appellate Mediation Arrives in Alabama, January, pg. 24
ASB Law Day 2004 Observance Includes Cross that River: Brown v. Board of Education, July, pg. 232
Bankruptcy and Mediation, May, pg. 194
Bankruptcy Lawyers: If You Want Attorney’s Fees from the IRS, Exhaust Your Administrative Remedies. It Might Not Be a Bad Idea Anyway, January, pg. 34
Birmingham Student Awarded Alabama Law Foundation Law School Scholarship, November, pg. 386
Book Review–The Soulbane Illusion, November, pg. 388
Celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Rules of Civil Procedure:, March, pg. 88
Efficacy of Post-Divorce Mediation and Evaluation Services, May, pg. 186
Estate Planning for Protected Persons, November, pg. 404
Harbingers of Bad Tidings? Recent Decisions from Florida Courts Affecting Mediation Confidentiality, May, pg. 166
How to Prepare Yourself and Your Client for Potential Retaliation in Employment Discrimination Cases, September, pg. 322
Is It Affirmative Action or Discrimination?, November, pg. 394
It Means Just What I Choose It to Mean: The Preclusive Effect of Divorce Agreements under § 523(A) (5) of the Bankruptcy Code, September, pg. 326
Jury Nullification: The Anti-Atticus, March, pg. 110
Lawyers’ Cases for Kids, January, pg. 59
Legal Services Alabama, Equal Justice Initiative of Alabama and Alabama Prison Project Receive Alabama Law Foundation Grants, September, pg. 301
Legal Services in Alabama Unite and New Executive Director Named, March, pg. 72
Mediation, Bankruptcy and the Bankruptcy Administrator, November, pg. 410
Misrepresentation in the Insurance Application, September, pg. 308
Nine Ways to Avoid a Suit for Legal Malpractice, July, pg. 242
Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! Admission to the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States of America, July, pg. 234
Peace Education through Mediation, May, pg. 196
Profiles: Bobby D. Segall, Carol Ann Smith, Carol H. Stewart, May, pg. 138
Remarks of Albert P. Brewer, November, pg. 382
Reminiscences on Adoption of the Rules of Civil Procedure, March, pg. 93
Report of Committee on Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution–ADR Usually Means Mediation, May, pg. 163
Revisions, MCLE Rules and Regulations, March, pg. 88
Some Words of Gratitude, July, pg. 273
Standard HIPAA Order in Civil Actions, September, pg. 332
Statistical Demographics and Outcome Study of Chemically Dependent Attorneys, November, pg. 424
The A.R.C.P.: Their Promulgation and Implementation, March, pg. 99
The Alabama Appellate Mediation Program: How and Why It Will Work, May, pg. 180
The Alabama State Bar Leadership Forum, September, pg. 306
The Alabama Supreme Court Commission on Dispute Resolution, May, pg. 158
The Enforceability of Covenants Not to Compete in Alabama, January, pg. 40
The Right to a Speedy Trial in Alabama, March, pg. 102
These Are a Few of My Favorite Things, May, pg. 154


Browse 2003 issues
A Fungus among Us: The New Epidemic of Mold Claims, March, pg. 109
Alabama Appleseed Center–Sowing Seeds of Justice, March, pg. 123
Alabama Code §25-5-11: A Narrow Cause of Action against Co-Employees, January, pg. 38
Alabama Law Foundation’s IOLTA Program Gets Good News from U.S. Supreme Court, September, pg. 261
Alabama Municipal Employees’ Rights to Paid Military Leave, 7, pg. 374
Alabama State Bar Resolutions–Lawyers Render Service, March, pg. 106
Alabama State Bar Takes Top PR Award’, January, pg. 23
Alabama Watch: The People Are Watching, November, pg. 300
Alabama’s New Mortgage Brokers Licensing Act, January, pg. 52
An Examination of the Faragher/Ellerth Defense to Harassment in the Workplace, March, pg. 118
Authentication, Foundation, Reasonableness and Causation: Admission of Medical Records and the Burdens of Proof in the Injury Case, 7, pg. 382
Book Review–Hugo Black: Justice for All, January, pg. 62
Director and Officer Liability to Non-Shareholders, November, pg. 316
Forget Everything You Knew about Alabama Certiorari Practice!, November, pg. 323
Howell Heflin Presents the Maud McClure Kelly Award, January, pg. 58
IOLTA Rule Change, September, pg. 256
Janie L. Shores Receives the Maud McClure Kelly Award, January, pg. 61
Legal Services in Alabama to Unite, September, pg. 255
Mobile Bar Association Sponsors Presentation of To Kill a Mockingbird, January, pg. 25
Montgomery Magnet Schools Sweep Law Day Awards, September, pg. 253
Reflections on Ethical Issues, September, pg. 226
Retire? Not as Long as I Live!, November, pg. 315
Spotlight on a Section: Family Law Section Celebrates 16 Years of Service, January, pg. 50
Terrorist and Hate Groups: A Primer for Lawyers, November, pg. 296
The American Inns of Court: Establishing Professionalism through Camaraderie, 7, pg. 378
The HIPAA Privacy Rules from a Litigation Perspective, March, pg. 126
The Magnuson Moss Act Defense to Arbitration: What’s Left after Davis v. Southern Energy Homes, Inc., 7, pg. 367
The Putative Father Registry: Behold Now the Behemoth (A Cautionary Tale), September, pg. 237
The Robinson-Patman Act: The Law of Price Discrimination, September, pg. 246
War Stories, January, pg. 49


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A Closer Look–Alabama Law Foundation Fellows: Sydney Smith, May, pg. 160
A Grand Jury Primer for Corporate Representation, September, pg. 226
A Judge’s Perspective of the Mobile Bar Association’s Volunteer Lawyers Program, 7, pg. 365
A Young Lawyer’s Perspective–Legal Service in the Military, September, pg. 222
Advertising Rules, November, pg. 280
African-American Attorneys Assume Top Association Offices, January, pg. 50
Alabama’s Forgotten Justices: John McKinley and John A. Campbell, September, pg. 236
Attorney Fee Declaration Forms: Save Yourself Some Time and Trouble, November, pg. 303
Book Review: Alabama’s Own John Grisham Saigon Landing by Jim Accardi, March, pg. 98
Cabaniss Johnston Scholarship Keeps Giving, January, pg. 25
Cyber-Jurisdiction: When Does Use of the Internet Establish Personal Jurisdiction?, January, pg. 36
Dedication, U.S. Courthouse, Middle District of Alabama, 7, pg. 343
Drug and Medical Device Litigation under the Alabama Extended Manufacturer’s Liability Doctrine, May, pg. 152
Get Your Name on This Page, 7, pg. 355
Introducing the Alabama Lawyer Assistance Foundation, March, pg. 89
IOLTA Program Provides Access to Justice, 7, pg. 369
Kids’ Chance Scholarships: Meeting the Need, November, pg. 305
Legal Assistants: An Evolving Role in the Practice of Law in Alabama, May, pg. 178
Overview of the Business Tax Legislation Enacted During the December 2001 Special Session and Other Recent Developments on the SALT Front, November, pg. 306
Petitions for Pre-Action Discovery under Rule 27, Alabama Rules of Civil Procedure: A Primer’, March, pg. 110
Philanthropy Education, 7, pg. 352
Pro Bono in Alabama, 7, pg. 357
Profiles: David R. Boyd and William N. Clark, May, pg. 134
Providing Access to Justice–Alabama’s Legal Services Programs, 7, pg. 374
Reforming Qualification to Transact Business Requirements in the Alabama Constitution, March, pg. 100
Rights of Indigent Defendants in Criminal Cases after Alabama v. Shelton, 7, pg. 370
Shareholder Rights, the Tort of Oppression and Derivative Actions Revisited: A Time for Mature Development?, November, pg. 314
The Alabama Lawyer Assistance Program at Work: The Why and How of ALAP, May, pg. 185
The Alabama Title Insurance Act of 2001, May, pg. 168
The Growth of Pro Se in Alabama, 7, pg. 363
The VLP and a House, 7, pg. 366
Use and Misuse of By James L. Noles, Jr. Revocable Living Trusts in Alabama, September, pg. 242
War Stories, November, pg. 291
When Does a Party Waive Its Right to Enforce Arbitration?, January, pg. 42


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A Report from the State’s Law Firm, September, pg. 264
Advising Clients: How to Recognize and Protect Intellectual Property, 7, pg. 380
Alabama Law Foundation Announces Fellows, March, pg. 121
Alabama Law Foundation Awards IOLTA Grants, September, pg. 242
Alabama Lawyer Assistance Program Update, March, pg. 123
Alabama–The Arbitration State, January, pg. 48
Alabama’s Legal Services Programs Receive Significant Grants from the Alabama Law Foundation, November, pg. 312
Annual Meeting Highlights, November, pg. 307
Arbitration in Alabama–Of Road Signs and Reality, January, pg. 62
Arbitration Opponents Barking up the Wrong Tree, January, pg. 56
Battling David and Goliath–Defending Qui Tam Lawsuits Brought under the False Claims Act, November, pg. 326
Closing Future Medical Benefits for Injured Workers, November, pg. 322
Family Recovery Means Children, Too!, March, pg. 136
From a Father’s Perspective, March, pg. 125
From the Bench, March, pg. 139
Getting Out from Under: Understanding Professional Burnout and Its Consequences, March, pg. 133
Howell Heflin: First in a New Generation of State Bar Leaders, January, pg. 72
I Came to a Watershed and Found a Way Out, March, pg. 126
In the Solution, March, pg. 140
Insurance and Cyber-Losses: Coverage for Downloading Disaster, May, pg. 192
Judicial Building Earns Top Rating, March, pg. 122
Justice McKinley Legal Milestone Marker Erected, November, pg. 293
Local Bar Award of Achievement, May, pg. 181
New IRS Regulations Greatly Simplify Minimum Distribution Rules for IRAs and Qualified Plans, 7, pg. 366
No More Closed Doors, 7, pg. 364
Profile: Fred D. Gray, May, pg. 159
Save Today for College: 2001 PACT, September, pg. 245
Smith v. Atkinson: The Supreme Court of Alabama Holds that Liability Can Be Imposed on a Third Party for Negligent Spoliation of Evidence, May, pg. 200
Tax-Deferred Exchanges in Property–Selected Issues, November, pg. 315
Ten Feet Tall and Bulletproof (With Apologies to Travis Tritt), March, pg. 129
Thanks! Pro Bono Mediators, May, pg. 185
The Addicted Attorney: The Counselor Needs a Counselor, March, pg. 130
The Alabama Law Foundation Offers Hope, March, pg. 120
The Home Front, 7, pg. 382
The Last Hope, March, pg. 118
The Rules Do Apply to Me, 7, pg. 373
The VLP and Life Insurance, January, pg. 28
The Volunteer Lawyers Program Student Award, May, pg. 182
UA Law School International Program More Than Doubles in Size, November, pg. 313
Understanding Title Insurance in Alabama, 7, pg. 374
Volunteer Lawyers Program License Plate, May, pg. 184
War Stories, January, pg. 55
Web-PACER Implemented in Bankruptcy Court, November, pg. 317
What is Fair Value under Alabama’s Dissenting Shareholder Statute?, May, pg. 186
What the General Practitioner Needs to Know to Recognize Sexual Harassment Claims, September, pg. 246
Wrongful Transmission of a Sexually Transmitted Disease in Alabama: Elements and Some Practical Considerations, September, pg. 256