ALAP Foundation

The Alabama Lawyer Assistance Foundation is a nonprofit [501(c) (3)] corporation under the management of an elected Board of Directors. The purpose of the foundation is to provide financial assistance to Alabama lawyers suffering from addiction, depression and other mental health illnesses, but who lack the resources to pay for appropriate help. Helping lawyers in need is a win-win situation. Lawyers recovering from addiction and other mental health illnesses can and do return as valuable members of their families, their communities and their profession. ALAF provides the necessary means to get lawyers treatment during the most difficult times. Repayment is expected once the lawyer is back on his or her feet, so that money will be available to aid the next lawyer in need.

These illnesses destroy lives. They destroy relationships with family members, colleagues and the court; they destroy a lawyer’s ability to practice law safely and responsibly. They are not character flaws or signs of weakness. Quite the contrary, they are diseases which require medical management and treatment.  Unfortunately when lawyers need the medical help the most, they have often exhausted all their financial means to pay for it. This is where ALAF comes in. ALAF is not a give-away, but an opportunity to help lawyers help themselves. A revolving loan fund gives lawyers in need the opportunity to get treatment.  Loans from the fund are paid directly to the treatment care providers.