A Different Type of Attorney

A difference maker

(1) A general practice lawyer and litigator. Years of personal injury (mostly plaintiff but a smattering of defense), more than a little business and corporate work, and a dash of bankruptcy (Chapters 13, 11, and 7). Also did quite a bit of family law (because no one in the firm wanted to do it). Operated as both a in-house counsel and outsourced GC.

(2) A business person. Senior management and business leader of small to medium sized companies all the way to running a 500 employee organization with over $100M revenue streams. Represented products and services to C-Level and even led a LBO of a Fortune 1000 company.

(3) Entrepreneurial. Holder of several technology patents and founder of several startups.

What can I do for your firm or organization? Who can communicate better with a business client than someone who has sat in their chair? Who understands technology better than one who has been in the worked in that world? Expertise at on-the-fly, out-of the-box thinking. Not afraid of court and a wise but willing litigator.

Currently living in Georgia and would waive into GA Bar if desired and/or work from Alabama.