Office of General Counsel

Alabama lawyers are bound by strict rules of ethics in all of their professional dealings. The Alabama Rules of Professional Conduct help define a lawyer’s obligations to clients, to the judicial system, to the public, and to the profession.

While the Supreme Court of Alabama retains ultimate authority to regulate the legal profession, the Alabama State Bar’s Office of the General Counsel serves as the Court’s arm to investigate and prosecute claims that a lawyer has violated the Rules of Professional Conduct.

The Disciplinary Commission periodically issues Formal Advisory Opinions that clarify a lawyer’s obligations in certain situations. Lawyers who would like to discuss an ethics dilemma with a member of the Office of the General Counsel’s Center for Professional Responsibility staff can call 1-800-354-6154 or email: Members of the public who believe that an Alabama lawyer has violated the rules of ethics and wish to file a complaint may do so by clicking here.

Ala. Rules of Professional Conduct