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On June 13, 2019, we added a reCaptcha security check for anonymous users to help protect your information by providing a way to prove that it is a person using the member search and not an automated script.

If you are experiencing problems after this update, please try the following:

Desktop Users

  1. Try refreshing your browser cache. On most browsers, it should be the control and the F5 keys at the same time, while you are on the member search page.
    • For MAC users, use the command key and “R” for Safari
  2. Try viewing the site in a private window.
    • For Google Chrome and Opera
      • Use the keyboard buttons – control, shift and the “N” key
    • For Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge
      • Use the keyboard buttons – control, shift and the “P” key
    • For Safari
      • Use the keyboard buttons – command, shift and the “N” key


Mobile Users

  1. To clear your cache do the following:
    • On iPhone
      • Close all open tabs by holding down the tab button in the bottom right and then choose “Close all XX tabs”
      • Go to Settings>Safari>Clear History and Website Data
    • On Android
      • Open Chrome
      • To the right of the address bar, tap Switch tabs
      • You’ll see your open Chrome tabs
      • Tap More>Close all tabs

If you are still having trouble after trying these options above, please contact us for assistance.

Search Tips

Type in the name, city, state, law firm, or law school of members you want to find.

Except for first name and last name, the results are not limited to ‘whole word’ matches, i.e., the name Smith will return matches with Smitherman and Nesmith as well as Smith. First name and last names are matched as follows: Smith will return matches with Smitherman and Smith, but not Nemith.

Uppercase and lowercase characters do not affect your search results.

Results will be listed alphabetically by last name, then first name.

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The Alabama State Bar reserves all rights not specifically granted herein.

Information about members of the Alabama State Bar is available to the general public for noncommercial purposes on the Member Directory Web page. That information is limited to member names, business addresses, business telephone numbers, dates of admission to the Bar and law school. In addition, member fax numbers and e-mail addresses may be listed if the individual member has provided that information to the Bar without restriction on its use, and members may opt-out of providing such information at any time.