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2021 Legislative Session: Week Twelve

Legislative Tracking The Alabama State Bar provides legislative status reports concerning pending legislation that may be of interest to our members, with direct links to the actual legislation. The reports divide legislation into the…

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Developing and Maintaining Mental Strength as an Attorney

By: Erik Heninger, Heninger Garrison Davis, LLC Traditionally, success in the legal profession demands long hours, resolving complex legal problems, maintaining relationships and managing high levels of stress and anxiety. Now, with…

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May 17

Mindful Monday

May 20

CLE Webinar: Purchase & Sale - How the Software You Choose Can Ramp Up Efficiency and Revenue in Your Real Estate Practice

May 21

Free Online CLE: Recognizing and Managing Anxiety and Depression for Legal Professionals

May 24

Mindful Monday

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145th President Bob Methvin shares his goals and initiatives.

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Happy Tuesday!

Just confirmed Michael Floyd—former CIA officer and author of Spy the Lie—for the @AlabamaStateBar Annual Meeting.

Looking forward to learning how to spot deceptive behavior!

Watch our video and get to know our incoming Executive Director Terri Lovell! via @FacebookWatch

Agree 100%! My only regret @JudgeLovell taking this important new job is losing her from the Bench. She is a wonderful judge, a great leader, a fine person, a good friend. She will do a splendid job leading our @AlabamaStateBar ⚖️🏛

Scott Mitchell@scottmitchell66

Congratulations to Judge Terri Bozeman Lovell. Judge Lovell is one of the finest people I know and will be a great leader of @AlabamaStateBar. The Judiciary, however, will greatly miss her.