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Statement Of James R. Pratt, III, President Alabama State Bar
On Gov. Bentley’s Choice Of A New Chief Justice

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Montgomery, Ala., August 1, 2011 – The Alabama State Bar applauds Governor Bentley’s selection of Judge Chuck Malone to serve as the new Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. Judge Malone was previously the presiding circuit judge in Tuscaloosa where he served with distinction, upholding the rule of law with justice and compassion. Judge Malone has displayed a keen intellect and a strong commitment to the institution of the courts and the people they serve. As the Governor’s Chief of Staff, Judge Malone worked closely with the State Bar leadership on a number of issues. He is keenly aware of not only the issues facing the courts, but also knows state government and enjoys the respect and confidence of the Governor. Thus, Judge Malone is an excellent choice to lead the court system through difficult financial times. The Alabama State Bar pledges to work with the new Chief Justice to support him as he seeks to guide the judicial branch during his administration.