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Regulatory Correspondence By Email Only and New Enhanced Member Dashboard/Portal Starting Sept. 1

The Alabama State Bar is going paperless! Starting September 1, 2023, we will no longer be sending out regulatory correspondence by mail, including MCLE compliance and dues payments. This does not impact certain mailed communications sent by the Office of General Counsel, as Certified mail is sometimes required for disciplinary matters.

Most other correspondence will now only be distributed to you via email. In order to ensure you receive regulatory communications that could impact your member status, please ensure the email address on your member dashboard is not only up-to-date, but is also an email address you regularly monitor and will have access to should your employment or contact information change.

This initiative will allow the Alabama State Bar to be better and more efficient stewards of our time and resources, eliminating the cost of postage for these notices while also allowing us to reduce our carbon footprint.

For questions or for trouble logging onto your member dashboard, email or call 334-269-1515. Please feel free to download and share the flyer below with your colleagues and coworkers.


In addition, we will also be upgrading your member dashboard into an enhanced member portal. Stay tuned for more details and training sessions coming soon!