Memorial Donation

Dear Alabama State Bar Members,

Many of us have faced the indescribable loss of colleagues, law partners, friends, and family members in the legal profession. As a way of honoring judges and lawyers that have passed away, we have set up a memorial fund with donations going towards Lawyers Render Service, Inc. You can memorialize the life of a deceased attorney and express sympathy to the family by making a memorial contribution. Your gift will help fund our Lawyers Helpline counseling initiative, and other services benefiting members of the legal community who experience life-changing events.

Donating in memory of attorneys is a way to continue their service to the profession and celebrate their lifetime of service. You can select who you would like to honor with your donation. We have opened a page where you can submit your memorial donation, or you can mail your donation with this completed form to:

Alabama State Bar
Attn: Memorial Donation
415 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36104

A card with notice of your memorial donation and a note of sympathy will be mailed to the family. All donations are tax deductible.


Gibson Vance

147th President of the Alabama State Bar



Memorial Donations

In Memory of Taze Shepard Given by Lang Floyd
In Memory of Taze Shepard Given by Allison Skinner
In Memory of Taze Shepard Given by Felicia Long
In Honor of Fred Gray Given by Angela Kennedy
In Honor of Jere Beasley Given by Gibson Vance
In Memory of Taze Shepard Given by Terri Lovell
In Memory of Troy Teague Given by Terri Lovell
In Memory of Jerry Thornton Given by Terri Lovell