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The Alabama Lawyer is a bi-monthly publication of the Alabama State Bar. It is published in January, March, May, July, September and November. In addition to keeping members up to date on the latest changes in various laws/rules and how they affect their practice, it also provides members and the public a way to keep current with Alabama State Bar activities, policies/procedures and information pertaining to other bar members.

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Recent Articles

FROM THE ALABAMA LAWYER: Stepparent Adoptions

By Joshua B. Horn

Stepparent adoptions are the most common form of adoption filed in Alabama. With divorce rates at more than 50 percent, it is common for adults to help raise their spouse’s children. The Alabama adoption code streamlines stepparent adoptions. These stepparent adoptions are governed by Ala. Code § 26-10A-27, and with a little research, they can be handled easily by attorneys who do not specialize in family adoption law.

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FROM THE ALABAMA LAWYER: Representing Foster Parents in Adoptions

By Samuel J. McLure

Many foster parents lack the tools and knowledge to advocate for the best interests of the child in their care. All foster parents have to go through a Trauma Informed Parenting for Permanency and Safety class (TIPS) where they learn that their role is to provide a temporary safe home for a child while the Department of Human Resources (DHR) works with parents to alleviate the underlying causes of dependency.
So, when a lawyer is consulted by foster parents who feel at odds with the system, what does that lawyer do?

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