The Alabama Bankruptcy Assistance Project (ABAP) is a model project and the first of its kind in the southeast.  It is supported by the Alabama State Bar VLP, South Alabama VLP, Montgomery VLP, and Madison VLP.  The VLPs designed ABAP to maximize program resources through collaboration and shared staffing, allowing the provision of Chapter 7 bankruptcy services in 66 of Alabama’s 67 counties while serving 93% of the state’s poverty population.

ABAP provides bankruptcy assistance removing barriers to employment and housing, and benefiting the community as a whole.  ABAP strives to provide equal access to justice to low income individuals needing to file chapter 7 Bankruptcies, while recruiting and training attorneys through the states volunteer lawyers programs to file pro bono chapter 7 bankruptcies.

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Clients may call us for legal assistance at 888-857-8571 or contact their local VLP!

Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham
(205) 250-5198

Madison County Volunteer Lawyers Program
(256) 539-2275

Montgomery Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Program (Montgomery County)
(334) 265-0222

South Alabama Volunteer Lawyers Program (Mobile, Baldwin, Washington and Clarke counties)
(251) 438-1102 or (855) 997-2857

Alabama State Bar Volunteer Lawyers Program (all other counties)
(888) 857-8571

Project contact:

Katarina Essenmacher
ABAP Coordinator
334-517-2108 |