Rule VII(A),Rules Governing Admission to the Alabama State Bar
“For the purposes of this rule,‘pro bono counsel’ is a foreign attorney who will not charge a fee and who is involved in a capital case or a post- conviction proceeding for an indigent criminal defendant…”
  1. Foreign attorney will complete the Pro Bono PHV Application and attach a Certificate of Good Standing from the licensing agency of their state. This certificate cannot be any older than 60 days when it is filed.
  2. Foreign attorney will file the original Pro Bono Application with the court. This must be filed no later than the first occasion on which foreign attorney files any pleading or paper with the court to otherwise personally appears.
  3. Foreign attorney will file a copy of the Pro Bono Application/Certificate of Good Standing with the Alabama State Bar PHV Regulatory Office.

Additional Notes for Pro Bono PHV Applications

  • The PHV filing fees are waived.
  • Foreign attorney need not associate local counsel, but the judge may require the foreign attorney to provide a referral letter from a local attorney.
  • No hearing on a pro bono PHV motion is required.
  • No Statement from the Bar is required.


Any questions should be directed to the PHV Regulatory Office