Alabama State Bar COVID-19 Updates

LATEST UPDATE: 4:50 PM – Wednesday, May 20

We continue to add county specific orders and information below. If you don’t see the latest information from your county yet, check back again soon!

Local Court Information Regarding COVID-19

Autauga County

Order from the 19th Judicial Circuit

Additional Order from the 19th Judicial Circuit

Baldwin County

Reopening Procedures for Baldwin County Courts


Order from the 28th Judicial Circuit

Notice from the Baldwin County Probate Court

Order from the Baldwin County Probate Court

Additional Order regarding reopening for Baldwin County

Barbour County

Reopening Procedures



Emergency Contacts List

Bibb County


In light of the current situation, and in an attempt to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Bibb County Courthouse Annex will be closed to the public until April 6, 2020.  We will remain fully staffed and available to assist over the telephone and as outlined below.  We appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Services in the probate office will continue to be provided as follows:

 Tag renewals – we can take credit card payments over the phone at 205-926-3104 or our online service can be utilized at

The Department of Revenue has extended the grace period through April 15, 2020 so late fees will not be assessed on tags due in March until April 16, 2020. 

Driver’s Licenses – can be renewed online at

If you renewed your driver’s license online last renewal period and therefore are not eligible to renew online, please contact us at 205-926-3104 to schedule an appointment. 

Hunting/Fishing Licenses – can be obtained online at

Call 205-926-3104 if you need an in person service or to use our walk up window (formerly the drive-through window). 

Land and Probate Records can be searched at

If you are a title searcher, abstractor, or attorney, etc. in need of in-person searches, please contact our office at 205-926-3104 to schedule an appointment or to use our walk up window (formerly the drive-through window). 

Recording or Probate court filings can be done by appointment.  Please contact us at 205-926-3104 to schedule or to use our walk up window (formerly the drive-through window). 

Marriage Certificates – visit  Select Certificates, Licenses and Permits.  Select Birth, Death, Divorce and Marriage Certificate.  Select Marriage Certificates.  Complete form, have signed and notarized.  Call and schedule an appointment for recording within 30 days of the last signature. The cost is $72.

Blount County


Courthouse is closed to public, but staff is working. Clerk’s office can be reached at (205) 625-4153.

There is no dropbox; Attorneys can file by mail or alacourt. If it’s an emergency, the bailiff will contact staff members for filing.

Bullock County

Reopening Procedures



Emergency Contacts List

Butler County

Order from the 2nd Judicial District

Updated Order on Virtual Hearings

Additional Order for Butler County

Jail Administrative Order

Violent Offenses Info


The Butler County Courthouse will be closed to the public from Friday, March 20, 2020 at 4 p.m. till Monday, April 6, 2020. 


If you are unable to enter this facility here are the contacts for essential services that you may contact:  The officials will be monitoring the office voice mail & email regularly.    


  1. For Circuit Court, District Court and Small Claims matters and filings, please contact:

Mattie Gomillion, Circuit Clerk 


 334-382-3521 (O) or 334-453-3302 (C)

Terri B. Lovell, Circuit Judge


334-382-3621 (O) or 334-437-0755    

  1. MacDonald Russell, Jr., District Judge


334-382-6125 (O)

  1. For Sheriff Department matters, please contact:

Danny Bond, Sheriff   email:

334-382-6521 (O) or 334-525-0361(C)

  1. For Probate Services, please contact:

Steve Norman, Probate Judge-email:

334-382-3512 (0) or 334-300-7073

  1. For Juvenile Probation services, please contact:

Chris Taylor, Juvenile Probate Officer-


          334-382-5443 (O) or 334-546-0782 (C)

  1. For Revenue/Reappraisal services, please contact:

          Deborah Crews, Revenue Commissioner-


          334-382-6312(O) or 334-437-3302 (C)

  1. For Board of Registrars matters, please contact:

Fay Poole 334-382-5685 (O) or 334-399-7101 (c)


Debbie Wesley 334-303-7339 (c)



  1. For all other matters, please contact:

Jesse McWilliams, Chairman Butler County Commission

          334-382-3612 (O) or 334-525-0855 (C)


          Diane Kilpatrick, County Administrator

          334-382-3612 (O) or 334-525-0561 (C)

          Email:     county website:

These limited restrictions will remain in place until further notice.

Calhoun County

7th Circuit Order

Please feel free to contact the Clerk’s Office at (256) 231-1750. You may also contact by email at

Updated: Probate Court Notice Supplement

Probate Court Notice

Chambers County


Cherokee County

Reopening Procedures

Order from the 9th Judicial Circuit

Judge Jeremy Taylor’s cell is (256) 996-2139, and his email is

Chilton County

Order from the 19th Judicial Circuit

Additional Order from the 19th Judicial Circuit

Choctaw County

Reopening procedures for the First Judicial Circuit


  • Courthouse closed to public
  • Contact for court: 205.459.3828
  • Circuit Clerk: Candace Jenkins, 205-459-2155,

Clarke County

Reopening procedures for the First Judicial Circuit

Clay County

Reopening Procedures for Clay County

40th Circuit Order

The Clerk’s office can be reached at (256) 354-7926.

There is a dropbox available for filings, and instructions are posted on the door of the courthouse.

Cleburne County

Coffee County

Reopening plans and procedures

Administrative Order Regarding Child Visitation and Support

County Press Release on COVID-19

County Press Release on Closure of Building to Public

Both locations (Elba and Enterprise) are closed to the public. Staff is still there working and will be, to handle in-person cases. Probate and revenue departments are open to attorneys with limitations. Both locations have dropboxes for legal filings.

The County Administrator can be reached at (334) 894-5556, ext. 1128 or Visit for more contact info.

Colbert County

District Court Reopening Procedures

Reopening procedures for Judge Brown’s Courtroom – Colbert County

District and Juvenile Court Info

There is a drop box inside on the 2nd floor of the Courthouse for filings.

The best way to contact the courts is 256-386-8511 or


Conecuh County

The courthouse is closed to the public, but staff is still working. You can reach the Clerk’s office at  (251) 578-2066. There are also instructions posted on the courthouse door with phone numbers for emergency filings.

There is not a dropbox available; filings can be made by mail or through Alacourt.

Coosa County

Reopening Procedures for Coosa County

40th Circuit Order

Courthouse is closed to the public, but staff is working. The Clerk’s office can be reached at
(256) 377-2678.

Covington County

Crenshaw County

Order from the 2nd Judicial District

Updated Order on Virtual Hearings

Additional Order for Crenshaw County

Jail Administrative Order

Violent Offenses Info

The Crenshaw County Courthouse will be closed to the public beginning Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at closed of business until further notice.





Terri B. Lovell, Circuit Judge


334-382-3621 (O)


Tom Sport, District Judge


334-335-6568 (O)

Cullman County

Reopening procedures

Order from the 32nd Judicial District

ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER 2020-07: An Order Relating to Virtual Court Hearings Using Available Technology

There is a drop box at back entrance of the Courthouse at security for filings that is being checked about four times a day.

The best way to contact the courts is by calling 256-775-4654 or emailing

Dale County

Court Order: Virtual Hearings

Dale County Info

Dale County Circuit Clerk Office Closed to Public

Clerk’s office is open and can be reached by phone at (334) 774-5003.

Dallas County

The doors to the Dallas County, Alabama Courthouse are locked. The only permissible entrance is on Lauderdale where a Deputy is stationed each day M-F from 8:30am until 4:30pm. The Deputy is screening for fevers and will ask where in the Courthouse you intend to visit.  Lawyers do not need to show their ASB license but do need to submit to this standard screening process.


Beginning this Thursday, April 9, 2020 from 8:30am until 12:30pm and each Tuesday and Thursday thereafter during the same time period, the recording office will be open.  Attorneys are encouraged to do all necessary recordings at that time.


Probate Judge of Dallas County, Alabama, Judge Jimmy L. Nunn is in his office at the Courthouse during regular business hours each week. At any time you need to reach him, his direct line is 874-2513 or you may call him on his mobile telephone.

DeKalb County

Reopening Procedures

Order from the 9th Judicial Circuit

Judge Jeremy Taylor’s cell is (256) 996-2139, and his email is

Elmore County

Order from the 19th Judicial Circuit

Additional Order from the 19th Judicial Circuit

Escambia County

Updated Order 21st Judicial Circuit

21st Circuit Order Page 1

21st Circuit Order Page 2

Circuit Clerk: John Fountain, 251-867-0305

Etowah County

Order from the 16th Judicial District

Staff is still available by phone and/or email. After hours, call the clerk’s office, (256) 549-2150 or email

Fayette County

Order from the 24th Judicial Circuit

Order on Virtual Hearings

Additional Order from the 24th Judicial Circuit

Franklin County

Reopening procedures for Franklin County

Courthouse is closed to public, but staff is still working and reachable by telephone.

You can reach the Clerk’s office at (256) 332-8861.

Geneva County

Updated Order: Virtual Hearings



PHONE: 334-684-5620



P.O. BOX 86 GENEVA, AL 36340




Greene County

Circuit Clerk: Veronica Jones, 205-372-3598,

Hale County

Henry County

Reopening procedures

Order from the 20th  Judicial District (Scroll down to last two pages for order from Henry County)

Houston County

Reopening procedures

Houston County Order

Jefferson County

Reopening procedures

Due to the eviction moratoria provisions of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (“CARES Act”), signed into law by the President on March 27, 2020, parties or attorneys who have filed or do file unlawful detainer (eviction) actions in Jefferson County, Alabama, from March 27, 2020 through July 25, 2020, shall, by filing said action, certify to the Court the following:

By filing this unlawful detainer (eviction) action, the party and its attorney, if represented by counsel, certify to the Court the property at issue is not a “covered dwelling unit on covered property” as defined by the CARES Act, Pub. L. No. 116-136 § 4024 (2020).

Order from the 10th Judicial District

Please see this Administrative Order issued by Judge Elisabeth French regarding certain criminal matters and suspending certain jury trial weeks

Please see the Court’s updated Emergency Response Plan

Judge French, Presiding Judge of the 10th Judicial Circuit, recently issued this Administrative Order regarding certain criminal matters

Parenting Time Guidelines for the Jefferson County Domestic Relations Court

Jefferson County courthouses are closed to the public, including Birmingham and Bessemer divisions, but staff is still in the office working. There are no physical dropboxes at either Jefferson Civil or Criminal. Attorneys are encouraged to sign up and file everything through AOC.

Contact Chief Clerk Pam Jones at (205) 325-5355 or email Pam Jones at with questions.

Lamar County

Order from the 24th Judicial District

Order on Virtual Hearings

Additional Order from the 24th Judicial Circuit

Lauderdale County

Administrative Order from the 11th Circuit

Additional Administrative Order from the 11th Circuit

Lawrence County

Administrative Order from the 36th Judicial Circuit.

There is not a dropbox for filings, but there is a security guard who will call staff members to accept a filing. You can reach the Clerk’s office at (256) 974-2438.

Lee County

Order Relating to Virtual Hearings

37th Judicial Circuit Order

Memo from Judge Speakman

There are dropboxes to accept filings, and they can also be submitted by mail.

Limestone County

Lowndes County

Order from the 2nd Judicial District

Updated Order on Virtual Hearings

Additional Order for Lowndes County

Jail Administrative Order

Violent Offenses Info

The Lowndes County Commission has approved a resolution to join the State and Federal Government in declaring an emergency due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus epidemic. The Courthouse and other County Offices will be closed to the Public starting Thursday, March 19, 2020 and ending March 31, 2020. We will reopen to the Public on April 1, 2020 unless circumstances change. You can contact each office by phone if you need immediate attention. Below is a list of contact numbers for the various offices.

Lowndes County Sheriff Office: 334-548-6151
Lowndes County Tax Collector: 334-548-2175
Lowndes County Tax Assessor: 334-548-2271
Lowndes County Probate Office: 334-548-2365
Lowndes County Appraisal Office: 334-548-5619
Lowndes County Enforcement Office: 334-548-5977
Lowndes County Commission Office: 334-548-2331
Lowndes County Circuit Clerk: 334-548-2252
Lowndes County District Judge: 334-548-2591

Macon County

Circuit Clerk: David Love, 334.724.2614,

Madison County

Reopening procedures for Madison County

Order from the 23rd Judicial District

Memo to Attorneys and Employees

Order regarding Alternative Sentencing

Marengo County

Circuit Clerk: (334) 295-2224

Local orders can be sent to for inclusion on this webpage.

Marion County

Reopening Procedures for Marion County

Courthouse is closed to the public. Lawyers must mail documents to be filed.

Best way to contact the courts: 205-921-7451 or

Marshall County

Reopening Procedures – Part 1 – Marshall County

Reopening Procedures – Part 2 – Marshall County

Order from the 27th Judicial District

Mobile County

Mobile County

Administrative Order Relating to Virtual Court Hearings

Order from the 13th Judicial District

Mobile County Probate Court // Mental Health General Order

Additional Order for Mobile County


Call (251) 574-8806 (phone tree) or email circuit clerk at for questions.

Courthouse is closed to the public except for PFAs, and the warrant room is open. Staff is still there working.

There is a dropbox outside for legal filings.


On March 13, 2020,  Alabama Supreme Court entered an administrative order suspending all in person proceedings in all state and local courts beginning Monday March 16, 2020 through Thursday April 16, 2020 with limited exceptions applicable to Mobile Municipal Court. Those limited exceptions involve bond related matters, arraignments, and plea agreements for INCARCERATED individuals only. All other in-person proceedings are suspended through April 16, 2020. You will receive a notice in the mail with your new court date. Those on formal probation with the City of Mobile probation office are to CALL the probation office at (251)800-1701 for further instruction. Those needing to make a payment on tickets, fines,  and/or costs can do so online at or mail a money order or cashier’s check to Mobile Municipal Court Payment Window, 205 Government Street, Mobile, AL 36602.

Monroe County

Courthouse is closed to the public, but the staff is still working, and the Clerk’s office is reachable by phone at (251) 743-2283.

There is no dropbox for legal files, but you can file by mail or email to

Montgomery County

Reopening Procedures – Administrative Order 06

Reopening Procedures – Administrative Order 07

In response to the Alabama Supreme Court’s Administrative Order, dated March 13, 2020 and the Presiding Judge of the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit’s Administrative Order, dated March 17, 2020, the Montgomery County Circuit Clerk’s office, including the civil division, criminal division, domestic relations division and juvenile division will begin operating on a skeletal and remote operating status.

Our office is committed to continuing court essential functions as they have been outlined to us. District Court magistrates will schedule citizen warrants for domestic violence offenses and other violent matters. PFA’s will still be processed.

For court information, we will have limited staffing available by phone in the office from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Please contact our office at (334) 832-1260.

Our office will be available by e-mail at:

Forms and other general information are available on our website at:


Currently, we have several filing options for your convenience. Due to skeletal staffing in the office, please understand there might be delays in processing filings, court orders, motions, etc. We are doing our best! We will prioritize court filings based on the essential function guidelines. Below are filing options:

  1. By AlaFile for attorneys or registered users (Note: Attorney boxes in the clerk’s office are not accessible). All court documents will be electronically sent or mailed.
  2. By MAIL (please include appropriate court cost, if necessary):Montgomery County Circuit Clerk
    P.O. Box 1667
    Montgomery, AL 36104
  3. By E-MAIL:
  4. By DROP BOX. A drop box is located outside the Montgomery County Courthouse from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Traffic tickets for upcoming court hearings can be paid online at (you must have UTC number and DOB).

Payments will be accepted over the phone by credit card for traffic tickets, fines and restitution and other court costs. All credit card payments have a 4% processing fee.

For payments that cannot be made by credit card or over the phone, payments should be mailed to:
P.O. Box 1667, Montgomery, AL 36104.

Payments made to the court will be receipted and deposited weekly. Restitution payments, alimony, garnishment checks and other court ordered monies for civil, criminal, juvenile and domestic relations will be mailed on a weekly basis. ALL CHECKS WILL BE MAILED, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Court records can be obtained through our website: by clicking on link Just On Look-On Demand Court Records link. In addition, request for records can be sent by mail or emailed to: Please allow 3-4 weeks to process requests. Record search fees will apply.


Main Office: (334) 832-1260

Fax: (334) 832-7787



Absentee Office: (334) 832-1281


Circuit Clerk, Gina Ishman
Office: (334) 832-1384
Cell: (334) 328-0886

Civil/Criminal Deputy Clerk, Shirley Grant
Office: (334) 832-1261
Cell: (334) 414-2672

Juvenile/Domestic Relations Deputy Clerk, Angela Starr
Office: (334) 832-2101
Cell: (334) 233-9942

Perry County

Closed to the public

Circuit Clerk: Mia Turner, 334.683.6106,

Pickens County

Order from the 24th Judicial District

Order on Virtual Hearings

Additional Order from the 24th Judicial Circuit

Randolph County

Russell County

Order from the 26th Judicial District

Updated Order

Additional Order for Russell County

St. Clair County

Reopening procedures for St. Clair County

30th Circuit Order (Pell City)

30th Circuit Order (Ashville)

30th Circuit Order Regarding Child Visitation

St. Clair County – Pell City – Admin Order RE:  Virtual Court

  • Courthouse is closed to the public but has a dropbox
  • Circuit Clerk: Annette Manning, 205.594.2184,

Minor, Robert L. Presiding District Judge: 205-594-2184

Seay, Philip K. Presiding Circuit Judge 205-338-7156

Circuit Judge Bill Weathington, 205-338-9491

District Judge Alan Furr,  205-338-3969.

Probate Judge:


Shelby County

Reopening Procedures for Shelby County

Administrative Order – Shelby County Courthouse (18th Judicial Circuit)

Order from the 18th Judicial District;  An updated Order can be found here.

Administrative Order Concerning Virtual Hearings

Shelby County Probate Court Info

Talladega County

Reopening procedures for in-person hearings


Order Regarding Virtual Hearings

Updated Order from the 29th District

Original Order from the 29th District

Tallapoosa County

Walker County

The Courthouse is closed to the public for non-emergency issues, but staff is still there working.

There is a dropbox outside for legal filings.


JASPER, Ala. – A Tuesday meeting of local officials outlined procedures for public access to certain county departments and buildings, including the Walker County Courthouse.

Until further notice, all county government departments, other than revenue and probate, are by appointment only. This also includes the Walker County Animal Shelter and the Walker County Commission office.

Probate and revenue will be limiting their intake to 5 at a time.

Notices with instructions for public access will be placed on the entrance doors to the buildings. These include:

  • Walker County Probate Court

If you have traveled to any of the following countries within the last 14 days: Italy, Iran, South Korea, China; or if you reside or have had close contact with someone who has traveled to one of the above areas within the last 14 days; or if you have been asked to self-quarantine by any hospital or health agency or any medical health professional; or if you’ve been diagnosed with, or have had contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or their families, we ask that you not enter the courthouse.

We will be glad to assist by telephone or online. The office number is 205-384-7281 and you may renew your tag online at

  • Walker County Courthouse

Please be Respectful of Others by NOT entering any courthouse or annex building if you are or beginning to feel ill.

Below are the Departments and Contact Numbers:

Commission 205-384-7230

Civil Service 205-384-7248

Juvenile Office 205-300-4224

Circuit Clerk Office 205-384-7230

Veterans Office 205-384-7230

Board of Registrars 205-384-7279

Coroner’s Office 205-282-1085

Revenue Office 205-384-7267

Solid Waste Office 205-384-7253

Probate Office 205-384-7281

Driver License (State) 205-221-7589

District Attorney 205-384-7272

  • Walker County Revenue Office

To help ensure the health of the Public and the County Staff, this office is accessible to five individuals at a time. However, property taxes can be paid on line at

The Revenue staff will assist each person when time to enter.

Call the circuit clerk’s office at (205) 384-7268 or email with questions.

Washington County

Reopening procedures for the First Judicial Circuit

Circuit Clerk: Valerie Knapp, 251-847-2239,

Wilcox County

Circuit Clerk: Carolyn Posey, 334-682-4126,

Winston County

Reopening procedures for Winston County

Courthouse is closed to public, but there is a drop box outside of courthouse for filings.

Best ways to contact the courts: 205-489-5533 or


COVID-19 Resources

The Alabama State has compiled resources to help members navigate the current COVID-19 situation. SCROLL DOWN for court orders, announcements, webinars and other current information relevant for attorneys.

If you have a question about the Courts that is not addressed below, click on the button below to submit your question. We will compile those questions to send to the Courts for answers.

Staff Contact Information and Impact on Bar Services

The Alabama State Bar has been working diligently to develop a plan for the bar’s operation that considers guidance received from federal and state authorities and also our duty and obligation to serve you, our members.

Effective Tuesday, Mar. 17, 2020, we will have limited hours of operation within the building due to COVID-19, and many of our employees will be working remotely, where possible. They will remain available to assist you when needed, although there may be some delays in providing that assistance.

In addition, the ASB building will be closed to the public until further notice, starting Mar. 17. The situation is fluid and changing at a rapid pace, so we will continue to monitor developments, and make changes as necessary. If you had arranged to hold a meeting, mediation, deposition or other event at the bar building in the next few weeks, you will be (if you have not already been) contacted by a member of our staff to arrange rescheduling.

Should you have questions, please contact the appropriate staff member below:

Department/Function Telephone Direct Dial Email
Administration 334-517-2170
Finance 334-517-2160
Communications 334-517-2218
Publications (The Alabama Lawyer magazine) 334-517-2124
Information Technology (IT) 334-517-2192
Admissions 334-517-2228
Licensing 334-517-2144
CLE 334-517-2128
OGC – Discipline 334-517-2188
OGC – Ethics 334-517-2196
Programs/Meetings 334-517-2150
Alabama Lawyers Assistance Program (ALAP) 334-224-6920 alap@alabar.og
Volunteer Lawyers Program (VLP) 334-517-2246
Lawyer Referral Service 800-392-5660
ASB President Christy Crow

If you have an emergency and cannot get in touch with anyone, you may call Executive Director Phillip McCallum at (205) 919-2012.

We stand ready to continue to carry out the essential functions of the Bar and will continue to keep you updated and provide guidance about how to move forward. Please heed the recommendations of local and federal health officials to protect yourselves, your families, your friends and your colleagues from this virus.

We understand that this situation will likely cause significant hardships to many of your. Please let us know how we might provide resources to help you withstand the changes created by the pandemic.

Supreme Court of Alabama Orders and Memos

The Heflin-Torbert Judicial Building is closed to the general public, with some exceptions. Read the order here.

  • May 13: Order authorizing resumptions of in-person hearings after May 15; and continues suspension of jury trials until Sept. 14.
  • April 30: Order extending all orders and deadlines concerning the suspension of in-person proceedings through May 15.
  • April 15: Order Regarding the Spring 2020 Bar Admissions Ceremony
  • April 8: Memo to Members of the Alabama State Bar about the security of Zoom and its use in the Court system.
  • April 3: Travel Authorization Document for Attorneys and Judicial Branch Employees. The Bar has developed two letters you can use for your non-attorney staff members. One is a sample letter that law firms can personalize. The other is a blanket letter that firms can distribute to employees, outlining the sections of the Governor’s order that give legal employees the right to travel and engage in essential work functions.
  • March 24: Administrative Order Approving Remote Administration of Oaths to Witnesses in Court Proceedings and Depositions
  • March 18: COVID-19 Administrative Order Concerning Workers Compensation
  • March 17: COVID-19 Pandemic Emergency Response Order No. 4, pertaining to the requirement to file hard copies of briefs in the Appellate Courts
  • March 17: COVID-19 Pandemic Emergency Response Order No. 3, pertaining to the briefing and filing deadlines in the Appellate Courts
  • March 16: COVID-19 All In-Person Court Proceeding Exceptions Concerning TPRs, additional exceptions to suspension of in-person proceedings including the termination of parent rights proceedings and 72-hour detention and shelter care proceedings
  • March 15: COVID-19 Pandemic Emergency Response Order No. 2, clarifying that out-of-court activities in civil cases, including, but not limited to, depositions and mediations can still take place.
  • March 13: Alabama Supreme Court Coronavirus (COVID-19) Order suspending in-person court proceedings until April 16.
Alabama State Bar Webinars to Help Navigate COVID-19 Impact

The Alabama State Bar has put together a series of Facebook LIVE webinars to help you navigate through this unprecedented time. You can watch these webinars LIVE on the Bar’s Facebook page, or you can watch the recordings below.

Intro to the Young Lawyer’s Section Disaster Assistance Line
Tuesday we will have Young Lawyers’ Section leaders Ryan Duplechin and Robert Shreve on discussing the Disaster Assistance Line. They will be joined by Volunteer Lawyers Program Director Linda Lund. Another webinar you don’t want to miss!

Building Resilience During a Crisis – Is it Possible?
Lawyers typically score lower in resilience (90 % score below 30%). Tune in to hear Rachel Fry discuss the pandemic as an opportunity to become more resilient and provide tools to use now and later once we have returned to some normalcy.

Criminal Courts’ Operations During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Listen in to hear from Judges Phil Seay and Brian Howell. They will cover multiple topics, but will focus on criminal courts’ operations during COVID-19. Participate live, and ask them questions through the comments section.

Navigating Domestic and Family Law Issues During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Listen in to hear from Judges Michelle Thomason, Adrian Johnson and Jeremy Taylor. They will be discussing navigating domestic and family law issues during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The importance of communication with clients during a pandemic
Don’t miss hearing from Roman Shaul, General Counsel for the Alabama State Bar, as he discusses the importance of communication with clients during a pandemic.

Covid-19 Grants: A lawyer’s guide to helping nonprofits, businesses, and public-sector clients navigate Covid-19 grant funding.
Jessica Taylor will lead us through everything COVID-19 grants:
• Covid-19 Overview
• Grant Process Overview (Research, Writing and Management)
• Developing Winning Proposals
• Open Grants
• Q & A

Wellness in today’s changing world
Prior to joining ASB as director of the Alabama Lawyer Assistance Program (ALAP), Jeremy Rakes held numerous roles including primary counselor, interventionist and family program director with Bradford Health Services in Birmingham. He’ll be discussing keeping wellness a priority during these unprecedented times.

SBA Loans and the Economic Stimulus Plans
Frederic Smith, Ryan Robichaux, and Will Thistle, with Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP, will discuss SBA Loans and the Economic Stimulus Plans and touch on the basics about what you and your clients need to know about loans, tax implications, and what the future may hold for these programs.

How Video Conferencing Is Working To Keep Courts Open
Judge Teresa T. Pulliam, President of the Alabama Circuit Judges Association, and Judge Carole Medley, President of the Alabama District Judges Association, will discuss how judges in Alabama are working to keep the courts open for business. They will be available for questions.

Business Interruption Insurance
Businesses and law firms are definitely being interrupted with the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are a business owner or a lawyer who has questions about what your clients should do, watch our Facebook LIVE recording with Alabama State Bar member Jim Kee on insurance issues during the pandemic.

Unemployment Benefits & Paid Leave Laws
Bruce Henderson of Phelps, Jenkins, Gibson & Fowler, L.L.P. in Tuscaloosa has been practicing labor and employment law for 30 years. Watch our Facebook LIVE recording to hear him answer questions about how COVID-19 is impacting paid leave laws and unemployment benefits.

Virtual Office Practice and Management: Tips and Tools for Working Remotely
Rebecca Bartlett from the Law Office of Rebecca L. Bartlett gave us tips on establishing a virtual office. Watch our Facebook LIVE recording to hear her tips, especially if you have a solo or small firm practice.

Court Information

Follow this link, and click on your county for information on how to access the court and for contact information,

Get Legal Help

The Alabama State Bar is committed to promoting public access to high quality legal services regardless of financial or other circumstances. The Alabama State has compiled resources to help members of the public seeking legal assistance during this time of uncertainty.

Legal Services Alabama (LSA)

LSA has opened a COVID-19 Crisis Disaster Hotline that is available in English and Spanish at 1-877-393-2333.

Legal Services Alabama is a statewide law firm providing free legal services to people who are low income (including those who recently became low income). LSA normally focuses on providing help with housing, consumer issues, domestic violence issues, public benefits and education but has increased our services during this time of need. In addition to many other COVID19 related issues, LSA is currently helping clients with unemployment compensation, food stamps and problems with landlords.

Alabama Free Legal Answers

The newly launched Alabama Free Legal Answers program provides free qualified legal advice through the website The website gives eligible users the ability to pose civil legal questions to volunteer attorneys and receive answers on the site.  The users of the service must meet income eligibility guidelines that are available on the site. The current COVID-19 pandemic impacts under-served people with unemployment, loss of income and housing issues that may present legal questions that could be answered on the website.

Alabama State Bar Lawyer Referral Service (“LRS”)

The Alabama State Bar Lawyer Referral Service (“LRS”) is a program offered by the Alabama State Bar Association designed to assist the public in locating an attorney who can be retained to assist with their general legal need. Attorneys who participate in the ASB Lawyer Referral Service agree to charge not more than $50 for an initial 30 minute consultation. Following the initial consultation, the potential client and referred attorney will negotiate a fee for the services required.

The Alabama State Bar Lawyer Referral Service line is temporarily closed but you can still receive a referral online at

Montgomery Volunteer Lawyer’s Program

The Montgomery Volunteer Lawyer’s Program’s in-person clinics are cancelled until further notice. They are still offering screening over the phone at 334-265-0222 ext.2. A group of local volunteer lawyers are available to answer civil legal questions by phone. Montgomery Volunteer Lawyers Program provides services in Montgomery County.

Madison County Volunteer Lawyers Program

The Madison County Volunteer Lawyers Program has cancelled all legal clinics until further notice.  We are still offering screening over the phone at (256) 539-2275 or through our online application via our website, .  Please leave a message and a staff member will return your call as soon as possible. The Madison County Volunteer Lawyers Program provides services in Madison County.

South Alabama Volunteer Lawyers Program

The South Alabama Volunteer Lawyers Program has canceled all clinics and in-person screening for the time being. We are still offering limited screening over the phone at 251-438-1102 for non-emergency issues. South Alabama Volunteer Lawyers Program providers services in Baldwin, Clarke, Mobile and Washington Counties.

Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham

Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham has suspended their in-person Help Desks, we will be having remote Help Desks by phone during the following times:

Civil – Tuesday 9am-12pm

Domestic – Wednesday 9am-12pm

Civil – Thursday 9am-12pm

Please call 205.250.5198, ext. 3 during these times, and we will direct you to an attorney volunteer who can offer advice and counsel by phone. Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham provides services in Jefferson County

Clients may also call during regular business hours, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mon.-Fri., and our staff attorneys will be available to speak with callers who meet our residency and income requirements. We will prioritize calls for those seeking help in domestic-violence situations or threat of eviction. However, if you are in immediate danger from domestic violence, please call 911.

Alabama State Bar Volunteer Lawyers Program

The Alabama State Bar Volunteer Lawyers Program has canceled all clinics and in-person screening.  Current clients can reach the program by email at or by calling your case worker.  We hope to open limited client intake soon, please check back for updates.  The Alabama State Bar Volunteer Lawyers Program provides services in all counties except, Baldwin, Clarke, Jefferson, Madison, Mobile, Montgomery and Washington.

YWCA Advocacy and Family Law Center

YWCA Advocacy and Family Law Center services are available on a limited basis.  These services are dependent on the cities’, counties’, and courts’ ability to provide a space that complies with the CDC and other health officials’ recommendations. Supervised Visitation and Exchange Services have been suspended until further notice. We are working to employ technology-assisted options that do not put clients, staff, and or public health at risk. We are serving clients in both shelters (Jefferson and St. Clair counties). We may make referrals to other DV shelters in the state or provide hotel vouchers when necessary.  During calls, our advocates may help clients with counseling, safety planning, and protective orders. YWCA Crisis line 1-205-322-4878,, state hotline:1-800-650-6522, by chat or call to the national hotline:  1-800-799-SAFE (7233) / chat at

Legal Information and Self-Help Forms

Alabama Legal Help (operated by Legal Services Alabama) and the website of the Alabama Access to Justice Commission contain information and self-help forms regarding a wide variety of legal issues, including family law, public benefits, housing, consumer issues, health law, elder law, immigration and guardianships.  You can get basic information about your legal rights, learn where to go for legal aid and assistance, and find out about other community resources.  Another website, Alabama Legal Answers, allows you to ask a lawyer a question online at no charge.

Also see the SVLP Blog on the South Alabama Volunteer Lawyers website for information on a variety of COVID-19 related legal issues including Estate Planning, Family Law and employment issues including sick leave and unemployment

U.S. District Court Information

United States District Court for the Middle District of Alabama: For information regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), please click here.

Unites States District Court Northern District: General Order regarding court operations; Order regarding the use of video and audio to conduct criminal proceedings


Bankruptcy Courts Information

The United States Bankruptcy Court Orders:

Office of General Counsel Information

Consistent with the Supreme Court’s order, all Alabama State Bar Office of General Counsel disciplinary hearings and other discipline-related matters will be continued until after May 15.

The Office of General Counsel sent a memo to members. Lawyers can use this language to send to clients about the court closures, statute of limitations, and delay in cases as a result of the crisis.  You can find that >>>here<<<.

CLE Accomodations in Light of COVID-19


Attorneys who hold an occupational license are required to complete 12 CLE hours, including 1 ethics hour, by December 31, 2020. A searchable database of approved CLE courses is available at Approved courses are designated as Live Onsite, Live TeleConference/WebCast, or On Demand. Attorneys are limited to 6 hours of On Demand courses per year; that limit does not apply to Live Teleconference/WebCast courses, which may be helpful to know during this time of social distancing. For more information on CLE requirements, email our CLE staff at

Status of the 2020 Annual Meeting

Due to the global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, we are postponing the 2020 Annual Meeting, originally scheduled for June 24-27 at the Hilton Sandestin.

As you can imagine, we did not come to the decision lightly, and we are all disappointed that we won’t be able to be together in June for our 143rd Annual Meeting. Postponing the Annual Meeting is simply the right thing to do during this historic time. We need to do everything we can during this pandemic to protect the health, safety and well-being of our members and attendees, and postponing the Annual Meeting is the only way we can accomplish this.

We hope to be able to reschedule the meeting for later in 2020. At this time, we don’t have enough information to know when that will be safe or possible.

Read the full letter from President Christy Crow and Executive Director Phillip McCallum here.

Orders and Proclamations from Governor Ivey

April 3: Stay-at-Home Order (Legal services named as “essential” services.)

April 3: Proclamation adding protection against evictions: Read Proclamation here.

April 2 : Gov. Ivey amended her emergency proclamation issued March 26, to address the remote notarization of documents. Now any notary appointed in Alabama can notarize by video conference. It also addresses new provisions in jails to slow the transmission of COVID-19. Please read the full proclamation here.

March 26: Gov. Kay Ivey issued a Proclamation on March 26, and a section is included that allows for notaries (who are licensed attorneys or operating under licensed attorneys) to observe and notarize signatures by video conferencing. There are other items in the order that impact attorneys, so we encourage you to read the full document. You can read the proclamation here.

March 18: Gov. Ivey’s Order which moved the 2020 run-off election to July 14.

Alabama Bar Exam Updates

On Friday, May 8, 2020, the Supreme Court of Alabama entered an Order that the Alabama State Bar follow public health restrictions and take necessary precautions during the administration of the July 2020 Alabama Bar Exam on July 28-29, 2020. The Order also grants certain exceptions to the Rules Governing Admission to the Alabama State Bar and the Alabama Rule for Legal Internship by Law Students. These exceptions are available only to those individuals who applied for the July 2020 Alabama bar exam by the deadlines set forth in the Rules.

The results of the February 2020 bar exam were released on Friday, April 17. Click here for pass list and statistics.