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GA-AL Chapter Family, Removal & Asylum Conference

GA-AL Chapter Family, Removal & Asylum ConferenceHow to register? Right here!

When is it? August 25, 2020. The four live, zoom panels will run from 8:30a – 1p.

What topics do the live panels cover? (1) immigration law as a calling (professionalism); (2) COVID-19 updates and hot topics; (3) ethics; and (4) public charge!

What are the pre-recorded sessions? There are 19 pre-recordings you’ll receive on three different tracks. These are pre-recorded for you to listen to at your convenience … whenever you’d like! You can rewind, take detailed notes, fast forward, etc. No missed notes at this conference – just rewind and replay! YOU CAN ATTEND THEM ALL.

For more information contact Sam E. Radin at SRadin@immlawfirm.com or Eszter Bardi Johnston at ekbardi@gmail.com.