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Webinar: Meet Your Ethical Obligations When Communicating Digitally with Clients

Webinar: .75 hours Ethics

Electronic messaging has changed the efficiency of how you handle client communication, however, there are specifics you should know about how these communications can affect your ethical obligations.

Join Todd Sexton, a cyber-security and data-handling expert who will help you better understand the changing data-handling regulations, cyber-security threats and how they may affect the ethics around your client communications. We will investigate changing data-handling regulations, trends from the legal community, and client needs and expectations.

You will also come to understand the way cyber-crime could affect your practice and the most effective ways to protect you and your clients.

Todd Sexton is an accomplished speaker and author in the field of cyber-security and data handling regulation. Over the past 15 years, Todd has focused on cyber-security compliance in an ever-changing landscape of regulatory requirements. Specifically focused on helping lawyers understand technology, he spends a tremendous amount of effort assisting the legal community on the advancing data-handling regulations, cybersecurity threats, and wire fraud/data tampering.