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Alabama Child Support Calculation App Now Available

Candace Peeples of Shaw, Anderson & Peeples, LLC in Birmingham has just launched a new app which she hopes will be of use to Alabama lawyers who practice domestic relations law, as well as provide a boost to her own law practice.

The Alabama Child Support Calculator, which became available through iTunes in late May and works on both the iPhone and iPad, is a free app which allows the user to quickly calculate or update child support payments.

The app leads you through several screens on which you select the number of children, indicate which parent has primary custody, add child care, health insurance, income and other support and maintenance amounts, and then calculate the estimated monthly child support amount based on the Rule 32 Guidelines.

The app contains a link to Ms. Peeples’ firm website and is set up to allow the user to automatically email the results to her, however you can delete her email address and add your own or other email addresses, so that you can forward or print the results to share with your own clients.

If you do divorce work and carry an iPhone to court with you, the Alabama Child Support Calculation App will come in handy for quickly updating child support calculations if the facts change, and will be a great addition to your mobile toolbox.