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Alabama State Bar Announces New Member Benefit: SimpleLaw Case Management Software

The Alabama State Bar welcomes a new benefit for its members with SimpleLaw, a case and practice management software built by attorneys for attorneys and their clients. SimpleLaw joins an already robust list of benefits for ASB members. Through its collaboration with SimpleLaw, the Alabama State Bar is providing ASB’s 19,000+ members with discounted access to the company’s next generation platform. Alabama State Bar members receive 3 months free and a 10 percent lifetime discount off SimpleLaw’s new cloud-based software.

“Connecting our members with discounts is just one benefit of ASB membership,” said ASB’s Practice Management Advisor Chris Colee. “SimpleLaw is a great option for law firms of all sizes, but ideal for those solo and small firms who are looking to improve their efficiency without spending a lot.”

SimpleLaw takes a unique approach to case and practice management software. The platform gives law firms the tools they need to streamline the management of cases and practices while keeping it simple to learn and use. Further, SimpleLaw connects potential clients with attorneys, attorneys with attorneys, and access to on-demand paralegal support. All at a very reasonable and flat rate.

“We love technology. But not for the sake of technology. Software should be a productivity tool for attorneys, not another item demanding their time and attention,” said Dorothy Radke, Director of Strategy and Communications for SimpleLaw. “We look forward to working with the great team at ASB to introduce their members to the many benefits of SimpleLaw.”

SimpleLaw also delivers superior user support. With over 90% of enhancements coming from users, the team at SimpleLaw understands the features offered by software must meet the changing needs of modern law firms.

More information about SimpleLaw and the discount for Alabama State Bar members is available by visiting the ASB’s Member Benefits page at To schedule a free product demonstration with SimpleLaw, connect with SimpleLaw online or visit for more information.


ABOUT SIMPLELAW: SimpleLaw is a leading legal software platform for lawyers and legal professionals, founded in 2005. Created by attorneys for attorneys and their clients, SimpleLaw created the platform their law firm needed, and clients wanted. The comprehensive suite of tools helps law firms manage their practice more efficiently and effectively. SimpleLaw makes it easy to stay organized and on top of your cases. Try SimpleLaw today and see how it can help you streamline your practice.

ABOUT THE ALABAMA STATE BAR: The Alabama State Bar (ASB) is the licensing and regulatory organization for lawyers in Alabama. ASB programs and activities have continuously served the public and improved the justice system. It is dedicated to promoting the professional responsibility and competence of its members, improving the administration of justice, and increasing the public understanding of and respect for the law.