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Battling the Stress and Isolation of the Coronavirus

All month long, the Alabama State Bar will focus on providing tools to create healthy habits and environments, which are critical for lawyer wellness. This week’s tips, compiled by the Quality of Life, Health and Wellness Task Force, provide advice for dealing with the new challenges associated with the Coronavirus. Fears about COVID-19 can take an emotional toll, but you’re not powerless. These tips can help you get through this stressful time. 

  • UNPLUG – Commit to unplugging from social media and news for a number of ours each day. The constant deluge of coronavirus media coverage significantly impacts our level of anxiety according to Gregory Jantz., PhD, author of Healing Depression for Life.
  • GET MOVING – Stay Active (while observing social distancing). As we all know, remaining active helps physiologically and mentally in reducing stress and anxiety[1].
  • STRENGTHEN RELATIONSHIPS – Connect with family and friends. Two weeks ago most of us were very unfamiliar with Zoom, Bluejeans or other videoconference options, but these options allow us to visit with family and friends. Set Zoom birthday hours, gatherings and other events to spend time with and uplift family and friends.
  • INDULGE – Indulge in a pastime that has eluded you due to work commitments in the past. Whether it is reading the top 50 on the NY Times bestseller or painting a portrait, use any additional time to indulging.
  • GET HELP – If you are feeling desperate use telemedicine options to speak with a mental health professional. If health insurance coverage is a challenge, contact the Alabama Lawyer Assistance Program (ALAP) for help.

Source: Frank Ardito, PhD, VP of Chair of National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching