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Does "The Cloud" Raise Storm Warnings at Your Firm?

Ever since Formal Opinion 2010-02 cleared the way for Alabama Lawyers to utilize cloud-based services in the practice of law, I’ve received more and more calls from lawyers who are interested in the benefits and advantages of internet-based practice management and other systems but are still afraid to allow confidential firm information to reside on computers that are not under their direct control.  The opinion requires that lawyers using such services do due diligence before signing up, but it’s not long on what that entails.   Fortunately, there are some resources that will help lawyers feel a little more confident in assessing cloud-based services.

The March/April issue of Law Practice hit my desk today, with a great short article by Sharon Nelson and John Simek on How to Select a Law Firm Cloud Provider.  And, because it’s the ABA TECHSHOW issue, it’s got some other great technology-themed feature articles including Social Media 2.0: Key Drivers of Social Media and How to Use them in Your Office; I Submit My iPad as Exhibit A: Using iPads in Court; and More than a Locked Door: Tips for Securing Your Law Practice.

If you’ve been thinking it’s time to move the technology you’re using in practice to the next level, be sure to check these and the other great articles in this issue out while it remains posted online for all to freely enjoy, and benefit from.