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FAQ: Transition from Casemaker to Fastcase

Q: How do I login to Fastcase?

A: The login process for Fastcase will be identical to the login process for Casemaker. Simply access your attorney profile on the Alabama State Bar website. Once on your dashboard, look to the left-hand side of the screen and locate the Fastcase tab. Click on the “Go to Fastcase” link. This will redirect you to the Fastcase page. The first time you access Fastcase, you will have to accept the End User Agreement. After accepting, you will click on the link titled “Go to Fastcase.” You will automatically be direct to the Alabama State Bar Fastcase homepage.

Q: Will I be able to access my saved searches in Casemaker?

A: There is not a process to automatically transfer any saved searches, documents, or other legal research from Casemaker to Fastcase. However, you will have dual access to Casemaker and Fastcase until September 2020. This should allow ample opportunity for you to save your legal research in the Fastcase platform.

Q: I currently have a paid subscription to Fastcase, will I have to continue paying my subscription until the expiration of my term with Fastcase?

A: Fastcase has expressed a willingness to work with our members that are currently paying for a subscription. If your firm has a paid subscription with Fastcase, please contact a representative to discuss your options.

Q: Is Fastcase the same as Casemaker?

A: Fastcase and Casemaker are both legal research platforms and are similar in that respect. However, Fastcase is a unique legal search tool that utilizes different techniques in order to perform searches. We recognize that there will be a learning curve for some of our members. We are working to create a smooth transition from Casemaker to Fastcase. If you have questions please contact Autumn Caudell at

Q: What search methods does Fastcase utilize?

A: When searching databases using Fastcase, you can conduct keyword, natural language and citation searches. This includes the use of Boolean operators.

Q: Will I have the access to the same databases using Fastcase?

A: Fastcase is a comprehensive, nationwide law library, including case law, statutes, regulations, court rules, constitutions, and law review articles. With that being said, if you notice you do not have access to a certain database, please contact Autumn Caudell at and we will do our best to provide accommodation.

Q: How do I learn to use Fastcase?

A: Fastcase has several resources for our members to utilize while learning to use Fastcase. Once you log in to your Fastcase dashboard, look to the top right of your screen for a question mark symbol. Click on the symbol and the drop down box has the User Guide, Tutorials, and a Webinar Schedule. The User Guide is a written guide on how to use Fastcase. The Tutorials are five minute clips so users can actually see how to perform certain functions. The Webinars are hour long training sessions that are offered weekly. You can access Fastcase support and tutorials here: