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Five Painfree Tips for Lawyers to Improve Physical Health

May is Attorney Wellness Month. All month long, the Alabama State Bar is providing tips and tools to create healthy habits and environments, which are critical for lawyer wellness. 

Practice, client, administrative, financial and family demands make maintaining a consistent fitness schedule problematic. Here are 5 practical tips to begin the path towards improved physical health, which don’t require hiring a new personal trainer.

  1. Rather than reaching for coffee, replace the cup of coffee with a cup of tea three times a week. According to Christopher N. Ochner, assistant professor at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, “Any stimulant carries with it the side effect of anxiety, which obviously ruins your concentration.”
  2. Ask your staff or colleagues if they would walk at lunch for 30 minutes twice a week.
  3. Pick one (1) lifestyle change- i.e., quit smoking for a week, drink only one drink a day for a week, or quit soft drinks for a week. Start small and improvements will follow.
  4. Invest in a standing desk. A standing desk may help with weight maintenance and posture.
  5. Commit to eliminating trans fats. Trans fats raise your bad cholesterol (“LDL”) and lower your good cholesterol (“HDL”). For example, try to eliminate fried foods, baked goods and margarine from your diet for 30 days.